Gangpire: Fire & Fury 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, High Damage APK
Gangpire: Fire & Fury MOD APK 1.7.0

Gangpire: Fire & Fury 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, High Damage APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 months ago)
Name Gangpire: Fire & Fury
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherJoystix Limited
Latest Version1.7.0
MOD Menu, Immortality, High Damage
Price FREE

If you are the head of the mafia gang, what will you do to develop your empire? That is the question for you when participating in Gangpire: Fire & Fury. It is an engaging strategy game that allows you to experience the feeling of a criminal leader. Your task is to build a gangster team and act to retake the territory from other bosses. At the same time, you will control your team to carry out interesting illegal activities. Don’t hesitate to rob the bank and shoot back the police. Moreover, you can also build poppy bars and farms, believe it?

Gangpire: Fire & Fury – Grow an empire in a fantasy underworld!

The underworld theme is explored again in Gangpire: Fire & Fury. But it brings a new color completely different from the hit GTA series. While GTA is more about action, this game has strategic gameplay. The action factor is reduced so that anyone can access the game without mastering skills. Instead, it focuses on tasks where you have to use your mind. Your aim is to build a new gang in the underworld. At the same time, you must reclaim the previous losses when working as a henchman for notorious bosses. Many crazy challenges are waiting for you to discover in this journey.


Form a gangster team

To get a foothold in the underworld, you can’t be alone. So, stand up and recruit other members to act together. There are dozens of characters available in the game’s collection. Each of them has distinct characteristics. Each character will have 3 important stats, including Attack, Defense and Treat. These indicators indicate their strengths. Besides, each person possesses a set of 4 different skills. They will use these skills in battle with the enemy if recruited into the mission.

In particular, each gangster will use different weapons. Some people will favor shotguns, while others will specialize in sticks, knives, rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, etc. So they will play different roles in your action plan. Moreover, delve deeper into each character and you will find many interesting things. Everyone has their own stories that they don’t want to share. If you open up and interact with them more, you will have a better chance of hearing these interesting stories. When you have a strong and loyal team of gangsters in your hands, you will soon master the underworld.


Discover tons of fun activities

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is quite well invested in the mission system. It offers a variety of activities specifically for gangsters. Accordingly, you can control your team to participate in missions from small to large. Specifically, it could be carjacking, fighting, gaining territory, chasing the police, selling drugs, etc. These tasks will become increasingly difficult as you level up. So upgrade your team regularly to get the edge in every fight.

In addition, you have many other great deals. What do you think about collaborating with tycoons? This is also an effective way to pull the group up and gain status in the underworld. However, deals always have two sides, good and bad. You need to know how to choose the tycoons to cooperate with. People who know how to keep their faith will benefit you. On the contrary, the evil bosses will try to make you their minions. And you need to fight enemies like this to gain the trust of other gangsters.


Build your empire

In addition to the action deals, you also need to pay attention to the economic strategy. To strengthen your position, you need assets that belong to you. After each mission, you will receive a well-deserved bonus. Use that money rationally to invest in building bars, opium factories, casinos, and contraband distribution centers… They will bring high profits for you to pay for many other aspects. But don’t forget to nominate gangster groups to protect your territory.


Realistic pictures and details

This game is carefully designed on the basis of 2D graphics combined with 3D. It brings a realistic underworld with many different areas. You can observe the whole city from a top-down perspective. Besides, the gangster characters in the game are also designed quite meticulously. Each has its own beauty with unique costumes, weapons, and skill effects. Moreover, when acting, you will enjoy the battles in the third person. It gives a realistic action role-playing feeling.

Enter the underworld of Gangpire: Fire & Fury after you download the game. It is a place for you to show your strategy and vision in the role of the Boss of the gangster gang. Your mission is to build a new empire in the underworld. What you aim for is money, power, and status. Make every other tycoon respect your position and fortune. Are you ready to enjoy it?

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