Gang Clash 3.0.2 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Gang Clash MOD APK 3.0.2

Gang Clash 3.0.2 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Gang Clash
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher IEC Global Pty Ltd
Size 55MB
Latest Version 3.0.2
MOD Free Shopping
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Become a master strategist in the game Gang Clash. This is an arcade game released by IEC Global Pty Ltd. The content of the game is built according to the strategic gameplay. Your mission is to lead the army against the enemy forces. Win to complete the mission. Along with that, you will experience interesting times. Thanks to the entertainment features provided by the system. Simple control with one finger. Level-by-level quest system, with increasing challenge. In particular, the process of battles is not limited to time. At the same time can play your own way. Besides, bright graphics, and vivid images. Along with attractive physical sound effects. Help you feel more enjoyable when experiencing.

Introduce about Gang Clash – Competitive Battle Between Two Armies!

According to the publisher provided, the mission system of Gang Clash is very diverse. For all players to enjoy participating. The task will be divided into each level. Each level opens a war between two armies of green and red. As a military leader, you will have to lead the army to fight. The goal is to defeat the enemy forces at each level. The mission will be completed after winning. Also based on each level of participation. You will get the corresponding bonus after completing the challenge. Continue to move to a new level to fight the enemy. The difficulty will be changed, increasing every time you start a new mission. Face a larger number of enemies than before. At the same time, their strength will be improved. Make it more difficult for you.Gang Clash

The course of the battle

The process of competition in Gang Clash is very dramatic. Forces between the two teams will rush to attack each other. Before that, you could navigate the attack through the horizontal bar on the screen. Lead the attacking army according to a strategy to great effect. As soon as the battle begins, it will last until the forces of either side are completely defeated. Each team member will attack in their own style. Depending on the equipment used, for example, attack from a distance or close. The side that has the remaining fighting force will win. To be able to defeat the enemy in each battle. Your army needs to destroy all enemy forces. In the process, it is possible to monitor the progress of the match. By observing the horizontal bar displayed on the screen.Tai Gang Clash

Recruit troops

Build your own powerful army to participate in the wars of Gang Clash. Here, you can recruit many different units of soldiers. Includes regular soldiers, weapon soldiers,… and many more. Over time, use the money accumulated from completing missions. You will recruit a large number of soldiers, with a unique attack style. For example, regular minions will rush to melee attacks. Use hand and foot punches to deal damage to enemies. Soldiers are equipped with weapons, namely chairs. Will support ranged attacks, and throw chairs to deal damage. Based on your strategy, you can choose to build an elite army. From there, put into the battle to compete with rival forces. Defeat all to become the champion team.Introduce about Gang Clash

Fight in the boss level

Pass each level of Gang Clash in turn. By defeating the enemy team force to win. From there will be steps to a new level. When you reach a certain level, you will face a really tough challenge. Because the appearance of the boss will cause the battle to be pushed to the climax. Boss possesses an extremely large body size. Strength surpasses that of ordinary soldiers. From the ability to attack, to defense or the amount of health possessed. Also following the boss is an army of soldiers. Make your army a lot of trouble. Even will lose the battle, leading to the mission failure. However, the system allows the level to be replayed. You can change your strategy to attack more effectively. Defeat bosses and enemy forces to complete challenging levels.Game Gang Clash

The sound effects of the game Gang Clash are very impressive. With a fun simulated sound system. Make you feel more excited. From there, it will increase the excitement, and play the game comfortably. Can enjoy exciting times through battles. Besides, the graphics are designed bright. Thanks to the diverse color system. Create a character in the style of a mannequin. With two characteristic colors blue and red. It was the fighting forces of the army between the two factions.

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