Gang Boxing Arena MOD Lots of Money APK
Gang Boxing Arena MOD APK

Gang Boxing Arena MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 11, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Gang Boxing Arena
Requires Android 5.0
Size 67MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money, No ADS
Category Action
Price FREE

Welcome to Gang Boxing Arena – an action game with a fun boxing theme. This game will bring you online boxing battles with ragdoll physics. Your mission is to defeat all others to become the last one standing on the battlefield. These are fun fights, not as violent as you might think. There are dozens of different weapons to choose from and a variety of unique skins to customize your character. Play often to accumulate gold coins and unlock the items you like. The boxing battles here will make you mesmerized.

Introduce about Gang Boxing Arena – Fun survival action gameplay!

This simple action game has attracted millions of players. That’s thanks to the action gameplay with the fun ragdoll boxing style. You will find here unforgettable battles in both Daily Mission and Arena modes. Arena mode allows you to team up with online players instead of playing against AI in Mission mode. So if you like epic boxing battles, play in the arena to compete with your friends. Many attractive rewards will make you unable to ignore them. With earned rewards, you can enjoy shopping in the store.


Join the boxing battlefield

After choosing the mode, you will enter the arena with some other gamers. Your mission is to knock them off the battlefield to be the only survivor. To do that, you only need to master a single operation: swipe your hand on the screen to control the character. Your character will automatically attack the target when in contact with them. But you have to control him wisely to dodge, attack, raid, or hide. Don’t move to the edge of the battlefield if you don’t want to fail prematurely.

The battlefield context will change through each battle. It brings new challenges to test your mobility. Each scene will contain different obstacles. You can take advantage of these obstacles to defeat others. For example, you can push explosive barrels at other people, throw planes at them, use a wooden stick as a weapon, etc. Everything on the battlefield has unlimited interactivity. Therefore, try to interact with everything to seek support and gain an advantage.


Explore the item system

Gang Boxing Arena gives you many cool things in the store. First of all, the weapon system is very unique here. You can find all kinds of weapons from golf clubs to pans, glow sticks, guitars, swords, fire extinguishers, boxing gloves, and more. You can unlock them in the shop or pick them up on the battlefield map. Each weapon will have its own effect to defeat others.

Next, this game also has other items, typically skins. You can customize your character with unique hat styles such as a small ear, chicken head, tiger mask, or paper box… Besides, the game also has a variety of different costumes, especially costumes. animal cosplay. Feel free to unlock them and mix them together to create your favorite style. Moreover, pay attention to the character upgrade if you want to be stronger. There are 3 stats that need to be upgraded, including Power, Speed, ​​and Offline Earnings. So what is the most effective upgrade strategy?


Many maps to unlock

Each of your battles will take place in a separate battlefield setting. It could be a beach, a desert, a port, a city, on a tall building, or even on the surface of a certain planet. Each map is designed with different characteristics. The location and number of obstacles on each map are also different. Therefore, you need to have your own strategy when entering a new battlefield. New backgrounds also bring new inspiration to make you never bored.


Funny design, playful music

This game is built with 3D graphics and cartoon stickman style. Thanks to that, it impresses every player and is suitable for any audience. The image of stickman characters with ragdoll mechanics looks very funny. When equipped with skins, they look even more personality and fun. The battlefield context changes flexibly through levels. It also has realistic weather and traffic effects. Besides, each battle will take place on exciting music.

Those are the reasons that you should try Gang Boxing Arena at least once. This is the place for you to enjoy the most fun and exciting boxing battles. It’s multiplayer battles so you’ll find fun playing with your friends. Moreover, there are dozens of different rewards from skins to weapons. Let’s win to unlock them all. If you want to shop for free, you should download the version of the game here.

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