Fun Race 3D 201044 MOD Unlocked Skins APK
Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201044

Fun Race 3D 201044 MOD Unlocked Skins APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Fun Race 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Good Job Games
Size 64MB
Latest Version 201044
MOD Unlocked Skins
Category Racing
Price FREE

Fun Race 3D is a super fun running game where you can compete with two other players. Your task in each race is to overcome dozens of obstacles and run as fast as you can to finish first. It is not an easy journey when there are a lot of things that can hinder your speed. Here are the spinning pinwheels, the giant hammer, the tall ladder, and more. They have different mechanisms, some rotate quickly, some rotate slowly, and even rotate. Therefore, you need flexibility in moving to master it all. If you win, you can enter a new round to compete for a great prize. Don’t forget to customize your athlete with unique skins. Moreover, you can try to design the track yourself.

Introduce about Fun Race 3D – Parkour running gameplay with hundreds of levels!

This game is the sequel to Run Race 3D and is considered an upgraded version of its predecessor. It brings you more exciting new races with new and unique challenges. Therefore, whether you have played the game before or not, you will be attracted to Fun Race 3D. It is a place to show off your parkour running talents while competing with other competitors. Control your funny stickman through the obstacles without any collision. Moreover, take advantage of the opportunity to run as fast as possible because the victory is only for 1 or 2 people. The races will bring you many great prizes, are you looking forward to that?


Discover unique running tracks

The game consists of hundreds of successive levels. Each level will include 2 rounds and 3 athletes competing together. In the first round, the game will eliminate 1 last player. The remaining two continue to go to the second round to find the overall winner. The rules of the game are like that, what about the gameplay? Each track is a collection of many obstacles. The task of each athlete is to pass all without falling off the track. Those obstacles have different mechanisms, which can be a rotating hammer, a periodic pendulum, a rotation, and more. By understanding their mechanics, you can find a way to overcome them. The most important thing is speed control. At the same time, please align the right time to run.

As for the controls, it’s relatively simple. You just need to press and hold on the screen to run and release to stop. As such, you will easily control the character’s speed by just clicking and dropping. This way of play is easily accessible to anyone, including children. However, with higher levels, the difficulty will be greater. The game will bring you more obstacles with novel mechanics. Therefore, you will probably need a certain time to learn and get used to them. Besides, the track map will be fresher and fresher, providing endless inspiration.


Design your character

After each race in Fun Race 3D, you will receive a bonus if you win. Use that money to accumulate and unlock beautiful skins. You can transform your athlete into a superhero, batman, or simply a stickman with new skin colors. The character will not have any new skills, but with a new look, he will help you feel fresher. In particular, you need a better appearance to stand out in the races.


Build new race tracks

A particularly popular feature in this game is the track design. The game allows you to unlock tracks, obstacles, and more to create your own track. Unleash your creativity to create the craziest challenges, then conquer them yourself. But to complete a race track, you will need to take quite a long time. You must collect enough coins and diamonds to shop the most unique obstacles.


Simple and user-friendly design

Everything in the game is designed quite simply but delicately. It vividly simulates colorful racing tracks, creating a bright and eye-catching experience space. Characters are stickman athletes with super funny looks and movements. Moreover, with different skins, you can increase their fun. The challenges are quite diverse, randomly arranged, and create richness for the race tracks. Also, during the race, enjoy the funky tunes.

If you have no plans yet, Fun Race 3D will be an interesting choice to play at the moment. Introduce about the game to your phone, join the races and discover the funniest challenges. Go through the obstacles in your way, rush to the finish line and become the best parkour athlete, are you ready?

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