Fun Feud Trivia 1.110 MOD Unlocked APK
Fun Feud Trivia MOD APK 1.110

Fun Feud Trivia 1.110 MOD Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Fun Feud Trivia
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Super Lucky Games LLC
Size 106MB
Latest Version 1.110
MOD Unlocked
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Are you a genius in every field of knowledge? Test your knowledge level in Fun Feud Trivia MOD APK – a super fun puzzle game on mobile. This game gives you more than 10,000 different puzzles on dozens of topics. You can enjoy them online or offline. Besides, you can play with friends and family or play alone. In other words, there are no limits for you to play wherever you are and play the way you want. This is your chance to test and improve your knowledge in every field. Try to see how many points you will get on each puzzle!

Download Fun Feud Trivia MOD APK – Solve general knowledge quizzes

If you love mind games, you’ll love Fun Feud Trivia. This is a game built on inspiration from these useful programs. So far, the game has more than 1000 free levels of various themes. In each level, you will have more than 3 puzzles to try and compete with friends. Thereby, the game will help you test your understanding. At the same time, this is also a way to improve intelligence, memory, and understanding in many different fields. What was more amazing?


Super diverse puzzle collection

It can be said that this game is a huge treasure of knowledge puzzles. It has more than 10,000 puzzles divided into more than 1000 levels. You can access all of them for free without having to spend money to unlock them. But to unlock the new level, you have to pass all the puzzles in the previous level and get the required score. Things are not as easy as you think. The puzzles in this game belong to 15 different categories.

It’s topics of general knowledge, food, animals, sports, movies, music, brands, celebrities, science, and more. These are topics that are very familiar and close to us. But are you sure you know everything in the world? Of course, no one knows everything. So in each level, the puzzles will be randomly allocated to different topics. You will have the opportunity to earn points with quizzes on topics you like and understand. In addition, each answer will be graded according to several levels. This is your chance to score high with your knowledge.


How to solve puzzles

In each puzzle in Fun Feud Trivia, you will go through a minimum of 3 rounds. In each round, you have to answer a question by typing the answer through the virtual keyboard. For example, the quiz for you is “Which drinks make you warmer?”. You can type the answer as “Coffee”, “Hot Chocolate”, “Tea”, or “Alcohol”… Each answer will be scored based on suitability. “Coffee” can be a higher score than “Tea” and “Alcohol”. Finally, the total score will be calculated and you will receive the number of stars corresponding to the number of points.

Subsequent rounds have similar mechanics, but may be more difficult. The puzzles in the new levels also gradually increased in difficulty and complexity. Besides, each quiz can ask you to answer multiple answers, usually 3 to 8 answers. Therefore, to conquer each puzzle, you must have good memorization ability and must be knowledgeable in many different areas. Moreover, you must enter the correct answer to score a perfect score. Everything is not simple at all but really addictive, isn’t it?


Use available hints

For difficult puzzles, what will you do to pass? If you answer incorrectly many times, you will lose without getting any points. You can then spend gems to play again. In the new turn, you should think more carefully, or use gems to unlock hints. This game gives you different hints for each puzzle. You will have to spend enough gems to see them, thereby passing the puzzle easily. You can accumulate gems from winning rewards or watching ads.


Intuitive, detailed puzzle interface

Your puzzle progress will take place on the vertical screen of the phone. It allows you to play with one hand easily. Besides, the puzzle interface is neatly arranged from the position of the question to the answer and the virtual keyboard. The parameters, numbers, characters, and symbols are also very intuitive and detailed. As a result, the experience becomes enjoyable, simple, and accessible. Even if you are a new player, it takes less than 1 minute to get used to this game.

So are you ready to try your hand at puzzles in Fun Feud Trivia ? There are thousands of puzzles for you in this game. You can challenge the quizzes with friends, family, or yourself. Just look at the question, fill in the answer, and know your score. This is your chance to learn more and test your knowledge without any fees and an internet connection.

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