Fun Escape Room 2.3.0 MOD Lots of Money, Energy APK
Fun Escape Room MOD APK 2.3.0

Fun Escape Room 2.3.0 MOD Lots of Money, Energy APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Fun Escape Room
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Webelinx Games
Size 83MB
Latest Version 2.3.0
MOD Unlimited Full Money, Energy
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Play as a thief in LMHAPKSS‘s Fun Escape Room game. Puzzle gameplay combined with adventure elements. Unlock challenging levels that require brain activity. From there, perform quests to find answers to open the door. Here, the game is set in locked rooms. It is necessary to enter the correct password to open and leave. As a thief, you will have to search for clues to get the numbers. Through that, you will have the opportunity to discover many interesting things. With unique features provided by developer Webelinx Games. The graphics system is reproduced vividly and realistically. Up to the control mechanism with the combination of realistic physics.

Download Fun Escape Room MOD APK – Solve Puzzles In Rooms As A Thief

Test your thinking and logic in the Fun Escape Room game. With difficult puzzles taking place in the rooms. Requires observation, as well as skill and intelligence to find the solution. Through this, you will have to observe unusual things in the room. As well as looking for hidden clues in many different areas. Chain together logically to find the final answer. From there, solve the puzzle to open the room door. The difficulty of the puzzles will increase with many changes. It requires your skills, as well as constant improvement over time, to overcome. Furthermore, the game also brings interesting entertainment with puzzles that recur in many different situations.Fun Escape Room MOD

More than 700 levels

Based on the content of Fun Escape Room perform the puzzle task. Through 700 levels in rooms. With many different situations recreated. In each level of the room, a puzzle activity will take place. Accordingly, the system opens up a unique context. Play the role of a thief who can’t leave the room. You will have to look for hidden clues. The purpose is to find the numbers to enter the code into the machine. From there, unlock the door and leave the room safely. At the same time complete the mission in a level. Based on the difficulty of the puzzle, as well as the achievements achieved, you will receive a corresponding bonus.Game Fun Escape Room MOD

Difficulty increases with new puzzles

Continue your puzzle quest in new levels of Fun Escape Room. Difficulty will increase with many changes. The scene opens in another room with a dissimilar environment. Along with that is a series of password numbers that are hidden more carefully. Makes searching difficult and difficult to find the exact code. Furthermore, they can be deceived, making the search more complicated. Not stopping there, the security level of the password also increases. Instead of entering the correct password sequence open the door and leave. Later, there will also be a second-level decoding with the puzzle of arranging blocks in real time. The request must be completed before the time ends. But besides that, the bonus received later is also higher.Fun Escape Room MOD APK

Many different ways to solve puzzles

Start the puzzle mission in the Fun Escape Room. You will decode by entering a series of numbers. But later there will be many puzzles with different solutions. With the change when reaching a certain level, there will be an opportunity to explore many solutions. For example, water sorting, block puzzles, pulling pins, finding keys,… and much more. Each puzzle solution will be done in its own way. Brings you an enjoyable experience when participating in the game. Block puzzle example, on a square frame, is displayed the time. You will have to arrange all the squares in the correct position on the frame. At the same time, ensure time to complete the task. There are other ways that will be learned after playing.Download Fun Escape Room MOD

Follow each puzzle with increasing difficulty of Fun Escape Room. The mission becomes more difficult to complete after reaching the next challenge. This will require your thinking and intelligence to overcome. But sometimes there will be difficulties and the solution cannot be found. Now you can use suggestions from the system. Through using the money earned and accumulated from previous levels. Proceed to pay a certain fee to receive suggestions. From there you will find the solution and pass the difficult level. However, it should be noted that the amount of money to pay for suggestions will increase with the number of uses.

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