Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D 4.0 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, Ammo, Onehit APK
Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D MOD APK 4.0

Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D 4.0 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, Ammo, Onehit APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Happy Family Studio
Size 74MB
Latest Version 4.0
MOD Menu, God mode, Ammo, Onehit
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Although an adventure game by developer Happy Family Studio. But Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D is designed with shooting-style gameplay. Open up extremely attractive and dramatic action battles. The content of the game is designed based on the theme of robots and robots. The gameplay follows the robot counter-terrorist shooting story. With a rich mission system, taking place in each match. Along with a lot of interesting features are provided. You can learn various gun systems. Can change guns to diversify fighting styles. Realistic 3D environment, very realistic landscape rendering. In particular, will face a lot of different enemies. It is a powerful robot force with a unique attack style. Attractive rewards will be received after the end.

Introduce about Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D – Real-Time Robot Terror Battle!

Similar to other shooting games. The gameplay of the Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D takes place in real-time. Built-in an open style. Recreate a large battlefield. You can move freely to make your own attack strategy. Use the equipped gun as a weapon. Accurately attack other robots to destroy them. End the battle by destroying all of them, becoming the last survivor. Complete assigned tasks to receive rewards. Based on the achievement achieved, through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. To reach the maximum number of stars, you need to shoot down all enemies in the shortest time. From there will get great bonuses. Soon it is possible to continue the fight to perform a new mission. Face tougher challenges.Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Face a variety of robots

In the process of fighting against the terrorist robots of the Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D game. You will face a lot of different robot enemies. In addition, the robots are designed in the shape of animals, such as crocodiles. There are also tank robots and humanoid robots. Even faced with powerful helicopters. Their fighting ability has many idiosyncrasies. Equipped with an advanced gun system. In particular, in some battles, you will have to resist the appearance of robot bosses. Possesses strength stats that are superior to ordinary robots. From the huge amount of maximum health possessed, the defense is durable. Until the amount of damage generated from the attack system is extremely large. Putting you in danger can lose your life at any time.Game Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Fighting skills

To be able to win the robot battles of Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. Skill is one of the very important factors. A huge influence on the gameplay, even directly deciding the outcome. Because the enemy in battle is controlled by intelligent AI. Meanwhile, you have no support from teammates. Will have to fight alone against a large number of terrorist robots. So it is necessary to improve skills to constantly develop. Observe the surrounding terrain to take advantage of opportunities to attack. Or hide, protect yourself from the onslaught of enemies. At the same time, it is necessary to shoot the gun accurately. As soon as the enemy’s position is detected, quickly fire to destroy it. Combine support weapons, use grenades to throw, and create an explosion with wide area damage.Tai Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Gun system

In order to help all players participating in Fps Robot Shooting Games, 3D can diversify fighting styles. The publisher has provided a very unique weapon system. With lots of different guns to choose from. Can be mentioned as a sniper rifle, with the advantage of a long-range attack. Deals massive damage with a single bullet when hit. But limited in flexibility, not mobile. Or rifles, pistols, and machine guns with the advantage of flexibility. Can be used to fire continuously when approaching the target. Easily kill the enemy to complete the mission. Each gun has different power parameters. For maximum exploitation, high efficiency. You need to learn each type of gun carefully to use it appropriately in battle.Introduce about Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

The sound system of the Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D game is extremely lively. Based on the activities taking place on the battlefield. From moving to shooting to attack. The sound will be changed flexibly, in accordance with the situation. This gives you the realistic feel of a dramatic robot battle. Besides, the graphical interface is also very impressively designed. Based on the background of 3D graphics. Recreate realistic environments in battles. Combines sharp image quality. Delivering an unforgettable robot terrorist shooting experience.

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