Flying Arrow 4.11.2 MOD Free Upgrade, Remove Ads APK
Flying Arrow MOD APK 4.11.2

Flying Arrow 4.11.2 MOD Free Upgrade, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 months ago)
Name Flying Arrow
Requires Android 5.1
Latest Version4.11.2
MOD Free Upgrade, Remove Ads
Price FREE

Flying Arrow is a game provided by the publisher VOODOO. Built content based on archery activities. Adopt a first-person perspective to take action. Use the equipped bow and arrow to adjust the angle of the shot. Aim to shoot arrows as far as possible. From there earn bonuses based on achievements to use. This game is experienced in offline mode, which can be joined for free after downloading. With some unique features provided by the system to increase enjoyment. There is a chance to discover many different types of arrows. As well as simulated environments in multiple locations. Along with that, the graphics are designed with bright image quality. Bring the attraction when participating in the game.

Flying Arrow – Archery in First Person!

Based on an intuitively designed control mechanism. Optimize usage to bring the best experience. Accordingly, you only need to touch to drag the arrow back, combined with adjusting the shooting angle. After determining the target, you can release your hand to let the arrow fly forward. Based on the force of the shot and the obstacle upon impact, the word will cause the arrow to stop. Thereby proving the achievement based on the distance that the arrow shot. In general, the mechanism and how to play archery are designed very simply. Even if you are a new player who can easily use it. But if you want to shoot arrows at a long distance, you will have to combine many factors.Flying Arrow

Missions by level

Not only normal archery but also have to perform the mission. Follow each level of the game to challenge your skills. Each level unlocks a first-person bow and arrow. But it will be difficult to complete the level with a single shot. Instead, it will probably have to go through many rounds of archery to have a chance to pass. Because each level will give specific conditions on the number of points achieved, corresponding to the distance of the arrow fired. Accordingly, you need to complete the conditions given in each level to come to the next challenge. At the same time, the difficulty also increases with the required distance to reach further than before.Game Flying Arrow

Power up and collect offline

Each time use a bow to shoot arrows in each level of the game Flying Arrow. Based on the distance achieved, you will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. From there, it can be accumulated to use in upgrading the power of the bow. To improve the shot force so that the arrow can shoot farther than before. Also, upgrade the offline collection to get more gold coins after each shot ends. Here the power of bows and offline collection is shown through the level. To be able to upgrade to a new level will need to use a larger amount. Accordingly, it should be noted that the amount will increase every time you raise a high level. But will give a better advantage in archery operations.Flying Arrow

Explore places

Through archery, activities will have the opportunity to explore many different locations. From the movement of arrows are fired and fly forward. Examples include locations in pine forests, hot deserts, rainforests, and desert towns. Each location is simulated different environment. Expressed through the landscape and weather conditions, as well as the artifacts that appear. Even more interesting, instead of shooting arrows at one location at each level. You have the opportunity to explore multiple environments in each arrow shot. For example, an arrow flies from a forest to a town in the desert.

Various types of arrows

Complete each level, in turn, to come to the next challenge. Through it there will be a chance to get new arrows to use. Thereby increasing the ability to move further after archery. Start the quest from an arrow crafted from wood. Later can unlock arrows from gold material. Moreover, it is also possible to shoot the ax with the ability to rotate. Much more will be discovered after reaching new levels. In particular, the system will be unlocked for free to use to perform tasks.Flying Arrow

The process of performing archery at Flying Arrow. The distance and distance achieved is not based solely on the force of the shot. It’s also shown through your angle adjustment skills. Because when the arrow is shot forward, there will be many obstacles in different positions. For example, in the pine forest, there are steles. Besides, the arrow will have a change in the angle of fire. Based on the actual physical mechanism, the farther the arrow flies, the less force it shoots.

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