Flip Master 2.9.50 MOD Lots of Money APK
Flip Master MOD APK 2.9.50

Flip Master 2.9.50 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 10, 2024 (4 days ago)
Name Flip Master
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher MotionVolt Games Ltd
Size 115MB
Latest Version 2.9.50
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sport
Price FREE

Perform the jumps on the trampoline in the game Flip Master. Show off your skills while performing jumps and flips in the air. At the same time conquer difficult challenges and achieve excellent results. This game is in the sports category, provided by the developer MotionVolt Games Ltd. With a combination of realistic physics engines and animated ragdoll movements. Open exciting levels revolving around jumping activities on a trampoline. Here you do not need to connect to the network, can play in offline mode. Enjoy the exciting features that the game brings. But to be able to explore the content of the game will have to use gold coins. Through collecting and receiving rewards on the game screen.

Download Flip Master MOD APK – Perform Spectacular Jumps on Trampoline

Rely on touch, hold, and swipe mechanics to accompany the spring jumper in the game. Accordingly, it is possible to perform spectacular and dangerous jumps in the air. Examples include flips, acrobatics, front flips, jumps, and more. Each move will have different difficulties when performing. At the same time, it will take your skill to be able to ensure that the athlete lands on the trampoline face correctly. Through each jump in the air, when performing the classic flips will change the falling position. Accordingly, you need to observe and touch the screen to adjust the direction of the fall. From there, you can continue with new spring jumps to achieve better achievements.Flip Master

The gameplay takes place in each level

Following the sport of jumping on the trampoline takes place at each level. Achievements will be shown through scores. Through each jump reach a higher height than the previous turn. Shown in meters and displayed in the Jumps feature. Also, perform spectacular flips to increase achievement points. Monitorable via Flips display feature. Based on the spring jumps made during the game. The score will not stop increasing until the athlete has an accident. Accordingly, if you go to the face of the canvas incorrectly, you will be bumped into the hard frame or jump out of the ground. That will mean an accident and cause the game to end.

After finishing a screen jumping spring will be rewarded. Based on the score obtained during the event. Expressed through Flips and Jumps points will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. Along with the amount of money collected during the game will accumulate a lot. Moreover, it is possible to get more money if you watch the displayed promotional video.Ear Flip Master

Explore multiple environments

Through the levels that take place in the game Flip Master. From there will have the opportunity to explore many spring jumping environments in different locations. Examples include the backyard of the house, the gym, the circus, and the park. Each location is a simulated living environment. The difference is reflected in the weather conditions and the surrounding landscape. Accordingly, the trampoline placed at the locations will be in different positions. At the same time, the unique perspective after each jump will make a difference. Because it is not only shown through the movement of the character but also reproduces the environment from many perspectives.Game Flip Master

Learn dance techniques

The spring jumping process takes place in the game screen. You can learn many techniques to perform spectacular jumps and flips. Through the unlocking of each skill and flexible implementation. For example Backflips, Gainers, Frontflips,… and more than 10 other tricks waiting to be discovered. Each technique will be performed in its way during the jump. Shown through the movement of the character after each bounce from the spring mattress. You can combine with different actions to create a classic jump. Create a breakthrough to achieve excellence and surpass your previous achievements.Download Flip Master

At Flip Master there are many different characters to choose from. They will become spring jump athletes in the environment. Examples are professional athletes, parkour players, boxers, superheroes, Santa Claus. Moreover, there are also animals like jaguars and dinosaurs. There are many other characters that will be discovered when participating. Each character is shaped in its own distinctive style. The difference is reflected in the appearance and costumes.

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