FitCoach 10.0.0 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
FitCoach MOD APK 10.0.0

FitCoach 10.0.0 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name FitCoach
Requires Android 8.0
Size 55MB
Latest Version 10.0.0
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Health & Fitness
Price FREE

FitCoach is a free fitness app that you should have on your phone. This app has many different types of exercises from yoga to gym and diet. You can choose the exercise that suits your needs and start a personalized training journey. Which body part do you want to improve, biceps, calves, or waistline? There’s a wide range of exercises for every part of the body from the face to the arms, legs, abs, and more. In particular, you will find here yoga exercises for the face, which help fight wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. You also find free nutrition recipes.

FitCoach – A fitness training app for everyone!

With the help of apps like FitCoach, working out has become increasingly convenient. Instead of going to the gym at an expensive price, you can now exercise at home. This application is completely free with the regular version. Therefore, there seems to be no cost to you to download and install the application. What’s more, this app has everything you need to start practicing right away. The exercises are simple but highly effective and do not require specialized equipment.


Enjoy gentle yoga exercises

Have you heard of the benefits of yoga exercises? This app has a lot of yoga exercises for users of all ages. These exercises are divided into many different categories, tailored to individual needs. For example, if you have a need to lose weight, the exercises are often a bit more complicated than the need to increase body flexibility. However, most yoga exercises are quite gentle, focusing on breathing, slow movements, and mental relaxation. And you will feel their effects after more than 1 week of practice.

Besides, this application also has yoga exercises for facial skin. These exercises have the effect of lifting facial muscles, reducing wrinkles, and making the skin firmer. As a result, you will reduce facial fat or signs of aging. Rest assured of the quality of these exercises as they are designed by professional yoga instructors. Moreover, the effectiveness of the yoga method has been recognized for quite some time. Do not think that simple operations will give poor results. Just practice hard, and you will get the results you deserve.


Fat-burning and muscle-lifting exercises

If you prefer more dynamic exercises than yoga, you can try gym exercises. FitCoach offers a series of exercises for both men and women. You need to choose your target zone, then discover the right exercises. This app has dedicated exercises for abs, legs, arms, and full body. Choose exercises that are appropriate for your goals. Do you want to slim your legs, reduce your waistline, reduce belly fat or improve your muscles?

In particular, the gym exercises here often do not require the use of gym equipment. Its method is to use body weight to build muscle. For instance, you can find the most popular exercises like push-ups, squats, and more. In addition, the application has its own manager for running. You can set a step-per-day goal and view the statistical results. The app will automatically count your steps and track your daily calorie burn.


Nutritional diet

Besides yoga or gym exercises, nutrition is equally important. You need to pay attention to your daily eating plan and nutritious recipes. This application will suggest you the most suitable recipes. Your job is to follow the instructions to make delicious and nutritious dishes. Besides, you can also track the number of calories and protein in each dish. Thanks to that, controlling weight and nutritional levels becomes more convenient than ever.


Experience personalized training records

Each user at the start of this application has a personal profile. To set up a profile, you just need to answer a few basic questions. These questions are often related to age, weight, height, goals (weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain,… APK, and more. You need to enter the correct information to unlock a personalized workout routine. Exercises will be suggested based on the fitness and goals of each user. As a result, you will see results faster.

Do not hesitate to immediately download FitCoach to your phone. This application will be a powerful tool for you to have the body and life of your dreams. Want to look better and healthier but save more? This is the best solution for everyone. Discover the best yoga, gym, and nutrition exercises. Do not forget to maintain a daily exercise regimen to see the results.

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