Fisti-Fluffs 0.9.2 MOD Unlocked APK
Fisti-Fluffs MOD APK 0.9.2

Fisti-Fluffs 0.9.2 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Fisti-Fluffs
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Rogue Games, Inc.
Size 81MB
Latest Version 0.9.2
MOD Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

Fisti-Fluffs is a fun action game, published by Rogue Games. Joining will take you into the world of cats. The content revolves around the competition between them when the owner is away. Accordingly, it will recreate the war of destruction to throw and throw objects in the family. To increase the experience during the game. The game offers many different modes for you to choose from. Combined with an intuitive perspective, it will help you observe every action and movement of the cat during the battle. Besides, there are some other interesting features to use. Screenshots can be taken through the camera to sharing their cute images. Also can be played for free in offline mode.

Introduce about Fisti-Fluffs – Fun and Chaos Battle Between Cats!

Cats feel bored when there is no human presence around. Since then, it has created conditions to open the attack between cats. Join the game you will accompany a cat to enter the match. Use household objects and equipment to attack the remaining cats. Adopts an intuitively designed control mechanism for ease of use. For example, touch and rotate with joystick virtual keys to navigate and move. Combine with two acrobatic and pounce symbols to perform actions. By flexibly combining control features, different actions can be performed.Fisti-Fluffs

The gameplay takes place in the competition

Each fight takes place with the participation of up to 4 different cats. After customizing their appearance and adding equipment to them. You will start the match in a random area. The process will be very chaotic because there are no teammates. Each cat is a faction and constantly attacks each other to find a way to defeat the opponent. According to the rules of the game, to end the game, it is necessary to find the last surviving cat. Through that, if you want to win, you need to defeat all the remaining opponents. It is then possible to end the attack with excellent achievement.

Each match takes place in an open game. You and the cats can freely perform different attack actions. Don’t just lunge forward to deal damage from scratches. It can also throw household items or objects that appear around.Game Fisti-Fluffs

Physical mechanics and flexible skills

The competition between cats in the game Fisti-Fluffs is very interesting. Based on the physical mechanism is implemented to attack the opponents. The cats will not stop fighting until they lose their lives. This makes you face a lot of challenges to be able to survive to the end. Therefore, it will take skill and experience to attack accurately with mallets. As well as dodging attacks from opponents. Take advantage of surrounding objects or objects to impact, throwing at opponents will cause them to take damage. Maintain flexibility throughout the match, thereby being able to win.Ear Fisti-Fluffs

The scene unfolds in many areas of the house

The matches will be replayed in many different regions. Set in a house. divided into rooms. For example, the living room, bedroom, hallway, and some other rooms. The match can even take place in the snow-covered garden. This is the arena where the competition between cats takes place. In each area, there will be different objects to throw. For example in the living room can throw tables, chairs, televisions, cushions, and more. This doesn’t just re-enact an intense match. It also creates chaos in the area where the cats compete with each other.Introduce about Fisti-Fluffs

There are different species of cats in the Fisti-Fluffs game. Before starting a match can choose to accompany. The difference between cats is shown through many different factors. Moreover, after choosing a favorite cat. You can also customize your look through a variety of unique accessories. They are fitted on the cat’s head to increase prominence. From there, make a difference between other cats in the match. From the color of the coat to the uniqueness of the headgear. Examples include Santa hats, headphones, glasses, full-face cat hats, detective hats, and many more. Depending on your selection you can touch to change.

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