Fireworks Simulator 3D 3.6.2 MOD Remove Ads APK
Fireworks Simulator 3D MOD APK 3.6.2

Fireworks Simulator 3D 3.6.2 MOD Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Fireworks Simulator 3D
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher AmarJSB
Size 287MB
Latest Version 3.6.2
MOD No Ads
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Have you ever watched the top fireworks displays in the sky? Inspired by that was the theme for publisher AmarJSB to build into Fireworks Simulator 3D game. This is a lively fireworks simulation game. Combined with a 3D graphics platform to recreate scenes. Through the first-person perspective role-play as a character. Then move and perform various operations in the extended environment. You can choose from a wide variety of fireworks with different colors and shapes. Use them to design your own firing position. To create beautiful artistic fireworks displays. From there, enjoy the work created by yourself and admire it from the best perspective.

Download Fireworks Simulator 3D MOD APK – Fireworks Simulator With Your Own Playstyle

As mentioned earlier about the content of the game. With the combination of 3D graphics to simulate the vivid environment. The same sharp image quality to reproduce the surrounding landscape. Special effects are one of the factors that make an impression on players when participating. Different types of fireworks that are burned will create beautiful scenes in the sky. Expressed through diverse colors created in artistic style. Not stopping there, to increase the realism and excitement during the game. The sound system is also simulated very realistically. The explosion of fireworks resounding in the sky will bring the feeling of enjoying a performance in real life.Fireworks Simulator 3D

Intuitive control mechanism

Role-play as a character to participate in fireworks activities. The first-person perspective will give you an overview. At the same time, the control mechanism is designed to be simple and intuitive for easy use. Through touch and hold the mechanism in the form of a joystick navigates and moves the character. This feature is displayed in the left corner of the screen. Besides, there are specific icons to perform different actions. Includes hand icons to interact with fireworks. Tap and swipe to adjust the angle of the cannon the way you want. The square icon is used to place the cannon on the ground. The symbol of the burner is used to spray fire, to ignite the firecrackers.Game Fireworks Simulator 3D

Single player mode

Follow the open gameplay of the Fireworks Simulator 3D game. In single-player mode, you can freely explore the environments. Do what you like without any restrictions. Move to many different areas and use unlimited fireworks. You can create your own works of art in the sky. But it will take a long time to implement. Arrange the position and adjust the angle of each cannon. From there, it is possible to create vivid performances in the sky. Not stopping there, in this mode, you will not be limited to playing time. You can unleash your creativity with a variety of fireworks to create beautiful works.Tai Fireworks Simulator 3D

Online game mode

If you get bored after a while playing alone. Can come with online multiplayer mode. Here you have the opportunity to meet many other players. Together with them create lively fireworks displays. Also, compete to see who creates the best works. However, it is necessary to comply with the conditions to play in multiplayer mode. Before participating, you will have to choose a character to play. Also, put in your personal name to get started. At that time, the system will be randomly paired with other players.Download Fireworks Simulator 3D

Various types of fireworks

There are different types of fireworks offered by the game. The difference between them is shown by color. Accordingly, you can choose all the fireworks in the game for free. Go through the time store to choose each type in turn. At the same time, the difference between the types of cannons is also reflected in the way of fire. For example, shoot straight into the sky at a certain height and have a small explosion level. Or shoot continuously to illuminate the sky over a large area. Much more will be discovered by you when participating in the game.

No matter what mode you play in, you can choose the map. Here Fireworks Simulator 3D provides many different maps. Includes forest, open ground, movie theater, and more. In each area, the environment and landscape are not the same. You can also customize the lighting conditions. For example, day and night for you to create fireworks displays.

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