Fast & Furious Takedown 1.8.01 MOD Lots of Money, Upgrades, Chests APK
Fast & Furious Takedown MOD APK 1.8.01

Fast & Furious Takedown 1.8.01 MOD Lots of Money, Upgrades, Chests APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Fast & Furious Takedown
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment LLC
Size 395MB
Latest Version 1.8.01
MOD Unlimited Money, Upgrades, Chests
Category Racing
Price FREE

Fast & Furious Takedown is a racing game built on the hit series, Fast & Furious. It will take you on the craziest racing missions with bumps, speed, and crazy chases. Plus, you’ll meet typical characters from the original movie in their 2D appearance. And you will also be immersed in the story among the top racers here. The game also offers a huge collection of cars with typical models from the movie. You have the right to customize and upgrade the car as you like in the game’s garage to be creative. With your favorite car, you can conquer all races and win great prizes. Don’t leave yourself behind on the track.

Fast & Furious Takedown – Fast-paced and realistic racing gameplay!

Perhaps there is no need to discuss too much about the popular Fast & Furious series from Universal. But we will talk more about their latest game. It’s a game inspired by the mainstream franchise. It includes many game modes with hundreds of fascinating missions. The missions are logically arranged according to the plot progression with the participation of cult characters. Moreover, the game impresses with a very modern and well-organized design style. The game context will change flexibly from day to night and through many unique locations. These are the things that make the game attractive.


Explore fascinating quests

The game has 3 main modes, including Missions, Versus, and Challenges. The first mode is where you will follow the cult characters from the original series to race cars and eliminate enemies on the track. Your reward is gold coins, used to upgrade and unlock your favorite car. Meanwhile, Versus mode is a real track where you will compete with top racers in a speed race. Your job is to overcome the obstacles and use support points to finish first. Finally, Challenges is the regular mode, which includes daily missions for you to race fast and earn hot rewards. Whatever the mode, there’s always room for you to show off your talents.

The racing mechanism is also extremely optimized, giving players easy access to the track but still leaving a racing feeling full of excitement. Specifically, you just need to touch the arrow to navigate the car left or right. The car will automatically move forward, but you can help it accelerate by burning nitro or passing arrow symbols that appear randomly on the track. So your job is to navigate and control the speed. You need flexible driving to cross different types of terrain and achieve the best speed, no matter what mode. Moreover, try to limit collisions with obstacles such as wooden crates, rocks, walls… Over time, you will become a professional racer, like Hobbs.


Unlock car collection and maps

In Fast & Furious Takedown, you can find a series of iconic car models from the movie of the same name. Those are licensed cars like American muscle cars, JDM, Dom’s favorite Dodge Charger, trucks driven by Hobbs, and Shaw’s hit Flip Car. Besides, there are countless other vehicles including pickup trucks, vans, and large tractors. Each car has its own indicators and is designed with a splendid, luxurious, and classic appearance. In particular, you can customize the car in your garage. There are tons of options for you to freely customize your car, giving it greater speed and impact to take down your opponents on your track.

In addition, the game also brings tournaments in many parts of the world. It’s your chance to go to many places and race in many different environments. It can be smooth highway tracks, busy streets, large docks, sunny deserts, and more. Each map will give you different challenges. A series of crazy obstacles will hinder your speed if you are not flexible and responsive enough. So try to unlock multiple missions to explore different challenges.


High-end 3D graphics, vivid sound

When it comes to this game, many gamers will immediately mention the graphic element. It will delight you with high-quality 3D graphics, providing realistic and detailed images. Thanks to that, the car collection in the game is the best thing that you can’t take your eyes off. The car’s engine sound is also very lively and realistic, providing an inspiring racing feeling. The racing environment is also very diverse and detailed.

So, if you are looking for a racing game, Fast & Furious Takedown will make you satisfied. Join the game now to accompany the iconic characters in the most popular racing movie series of all time. This is the time to prove your ability and conquer every opponent on the track.

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