Fast Fighter 1.1.4 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Gems, Unlocked All APK
Fast Fighter: Racing to Reveng MOD APK 1.1.4

Fast Fighter 1.1.4 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Gems, Unlocked All APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Fast Fighter: Racing to Reveng
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.1.4
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Gems, Unlocked All
Price FREE

Experience explosive racing action with Fast Fighter, where speed and strategy are the keys to victory. Participate in thrilling races on challenging roads, where you will have to use skilled driving skills and powerful firepower to take down opponents and complete the mission.

Immerse yourself in the world of high-speed racing:

  • Unique car shooting gameplay: Control a racing car equipped with powerful weapons, destroy enemies and overcome obstacles along the way.
  • Diverse missions: Complete assigned missions in each race, from destroying enemies to fighting giant bosses.
  • Challenging courses: Conquer diverse racing courses with rugged terrain and unexpected obstacles.
  • Upgrade your racing car: Strengthen your racing car with new weapons and accessories for easier victory.

Fast Fighter offers an explosive action racing experience where you will have to combine driving skills, combat tactics and upgrades to become the best racer. Get ready for thrilling challenges and conquer every race in Fast Fighter!

Fast Fighter – Drive a combat vehicle to destroy renegade AI Racing Cars


  • In the future world, AI racing cars are developing rapidly, threatening humanity.
  • AI racing cars are self-aware, planning attacks, taking control of the world.
  • Secret organization established to fight against AI Racing Cars.


  • Drive combat vehicles at high speed to infiltrate the AI ​​Racing Car command area.
  • Destroy the renegade AI Racing Car, protect humanity from destruction.

Special point:

  • Combining elements of high-speed racing and intense shooting.
  • Thrilling fantasy plot, promoting fighting spirit.
  • Ability to upgrade diverse vehicles and weapons.

Are you ready to become a hero, fight against AI and save the world?

Fast Fighter

Approaching the command area The AI ​​racing car is attacked by many enemy vehicles

Overcome heavy enemy fire:

The mission to break into the AI ​​Race Car command area will encounter strong resistance from a variety of AI-controlled enemy vehicles. These include cars, sports cars, trucks, ambulances and even police vehicles, armed and programmed to block any intrusion attempts.

Flexible and dangerous enemies:

These machines move at different speeds, forming dense networks and moving continuously, making prediction and avoidance difficult. They will actively attack with fire to destroy anyone who dares to come close.

Tough challenges require flexible strategies:

To overcome this challenge, a combination of flexible attack and defense tactics is needed. The use of weapons, skillful driving skills and the ability to quickly adapt to a volatile combat environment will be the deciding factors for success.

Face the boss in Fast Fighter

Tough challenge at the finish line

Unlike regular vehicles on the track, the biggest obstacle players face is the boss, which appears when they near the finish line. The Boss is a giant fighting machine with thick armor and abundant health, making it extremely difficult to attack using normal means. Furthermore, the boss’s powerful firepower can cause great damage, causing players to take a long time to destroy, or even die if they cannot overcome this challenge.

Detailed analysis of the boss:

  • Size: Huge compared to other vehicles on the track.
  • Defense: Thick, solid armor that can withstand many normal attacks.
  • Amount of health: Abundant, requiring players to attack continuously for a long time.
  • Firepower: Strong, can cause great damage to players.

Tips to defeat the boss:

  • Upgrade vehicle: Increase the vehicle’s strength, speed and defense to be able to withstand boss fire and deal damage more effectively.
  • Use powerful weapons: Equip the vehicle with high-power weapons to shorten the time to destroy the boss.
  • Driving skills: Flexibly use driving skills to avoid the boss’s attacks and move appropriately to attack the boss’s weak points.
  • Reasonable tactics: Choose the appropriate strategy based on your and the boss’s strengths and weaknesses to win.

Conclusion: Boss is the toughest challenge in Fast Fighter, requiring players to have skilled driving skills, reasonable tactics and use powerful upgraded vehicles to be able to defeat and reach the finish line successfully. .

Game Fast Fighter

Fast Fighter level missions

Objective: Carry out story missions, use driving skills to reach the AI ​​command base.

Role: Racer of a secret organization.


  • Move through roads full of enemy vehicles.
  • Use the vehicle’s equipment system to attack and destroy enemy vehicles.
  • Overcome the boss at the end.
  • Complete the mission by reaching the finish line.

Result: Shorten the distance to the AI ​​control center.


  • The difficulty level increases with each level.
  • Use the equipment system proficiently to win.
  • Drive carefully to avoid collisions and obstacles.


  • Each level has a different length, depending on difficulty.

Many unique vehicles

Diverse choices, breaking through all limits:

Fast Fighter offers a rich collection of racing cars, satisfying all your passion for speed. Each car has a unique appearance, impressive performance and brings different driving experiences.

Explore and conquer:

Start your journey to conquer the track with your first free car. After that, you can expand your collection by purchasing other powerful “iron horses” with money earned in the game. Each car has a different price, suitable for each stage and challenge in the game.

Optimized upgrade, speed breakthrough:

A diverse upgrade system allows you to optimize the performance of each vehicle. Equip it with powerful components, upgrade the engine, optimize the braking system and more to turn your car into a speed machine that will dominate every track.

Tai Fast Fighter

Using Enhanced Items In Fast Fighter

Increased Firepower:

  • Collect random booster items after destroying AI vehicles.
  • Increases the number of bullets fired each turn.


  • Rocket icons appear randomly.
  • Drive the car and collide with the rocket to create a big explosion.
  • The explosion destroys all enemy vehicles in range.

Fast Fighter MOD APK Features

  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Full Gems
  • Had It All

Besides the booster items received during the race. You can also collect a lot of money. They are dropped after each bombardment of enemy vehicles, and can then be accumulated. Along with achievements achieved after completing the task. You will receive a large amount to use to unlock and upgrade.

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