Farming USA 2 1.76 MOD Lots of Money APK
Farming USA 2 MOD APK 1.76

Farming USA 2 1.76 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Farming USA 2
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Bowen Games LLC
Size 155MB
Latest Version 1.76
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Farming USA 2 is a farm management simulation game. When you join, you will become a farmer, the owner of a large farm. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs to develop your land. Grow trees, and raise animals to be able to harvest, and earn money. Find ways to exploit resources and build farms to bring greater value. At the same time, the management activities must be managed to optimize the work. Make sure to meet enough time to complete the schedule of different tasks. Here developer Bowen Games LLC offers many unique features. You can freely explore and experience everything on the farm. To increase realism, graphics will be used on a sharp 3D background.

Download Farming USA 2 MOD APK – Manage Your Farm To Grow

The task system will take place every day. Every day there will be many different tasks that need to be done. As time goes on, proceed with each job in turn to develop your farm. Starting from barren vacant land will have to renovate and plan. Coming to the following days, it was necessary to find ways to speed up the work. Optimize unnecessary steps to focus more on farm management. To bring value after a period of work. Turn the original wild land into a beautiful farm. From there fulfill your dream to own a farm of your own.Farming USA 2

Plant varieties

On the farm, it is possible to grow agricultural crops and raise livestock. For crops, such as corn, squash, wheat, barley, red beans, and hay. Each cultivar will take some time to grow. From seeding to harvest, there are many steps to take care of. For example watering, fertilizing, and making sure the environment is light enough. That can help them grow best to harvest in large quantities. Helping you to earn a lot of money from farming.Game Farming USA 2

Breeding animals and cattle

Farming USA 2 can also breed many different animals and cattle. Typical are ducks, chickens, dogs, pigs, horses, and dairy cows. There are many other animals that you will choose when participating in the game. Each species will need different food sources. At the same time they are used for separate activities. For example raising ducks, chickens, and pigs for food. Dogs are also kept to guard your land. Or raise dairy cows on the farm to collect milk. From there offer to major cities to earn money. The breeding process needs to pay attention to the health of the animals. Because if you get sick, it will affect the value brought after the harvest period.Tai Farming USA 2

Weather conditions and environment

The process of growing plants and raising animals needs to pay attention to environmental conditions. The time taking place between day and night will be changed. Especially, the weather will change according to different times of the day. Here the weather is divided into 4 seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season will have different effects on the growth of plants and animals on the farm. For example, summer will increase the temperature high, making it difficult for them to grow evenly. It is necessary to find a way to reduce the heat in the house and water the plants more than usual. Or winter with a deep drop in temperature, with the appearance of snow showers. Make plants and animals cold, even if your land is frozen.Download Farming USA 2

Use different means

Managing a large farm will need support vehicles. There are many different vehicles used on the farm here. Examples include plows, mowers, rice harvesters, tow trucks, and many more. Each vehicle is used for its own operation. To bring better efficiency and reduce working time, thereby optimizing performance. For example, the plow will help you to loosen the soil in preparation for a new crop. The harvester will speed up the work when harvesting the crop varieties. Or trucks transporting goods to the city for sale.

Over time takes place in the game Farming USA 2. You can expand your farm to increase the working area. Through the clearing of the adjacent forest. By controlling means of a cutter to cut down big trees. They can be used to build new buildings. But besides that, the land to be cleared will need to go through stages. To meet the conditions to be able to plant trees or raise animals.

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