Fade Master 3D 1.13.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Fade Master 3D MOD APK 1.13.0

Fade Master 3D 1.13.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Fade Master 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Deniz Colak
Size 96MB
Latest Version 1.13.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Do you want to become a professional barber? Come to Fade Master 3D to learn how to do this. This is a hair-cutting simulation game that allows you to become a professional barber and own the barber shop of your dreams. You will have the opportunity to meet dozens of customers with different needs. Your job is to please them with the latest and most beautiful hairstyles. Don’t cut too much if you don’t want to get 1 star. Try to satisfy customers to get 3 stars and corresponding bonuses. From there, you will have the right to unlock many new hairstyles, new customers, and many cool hair-cutting tools.

Fade Master 3D – Become a barber on your way!

Fade Master 3D is where you will find the feeling of experiencing like a real barber. This game simulates a small barber shop in town, where you are the new boss and also the barber position. Your job is to make hair samples according to customer needs. You think this is boring, don’t you? But you can be addicted from the first time you play this game. With a realistic 3D design, this game simulates the actual hair-cutting process. The controls are also very smooth, giving you the feeling of actually holding a trimmer and cutting someone else’s hair.


Simple gameplay mechanics

This game has hundreds of different levels, each level is a haircut mission. At each level, you will meet a customer. It could be anyone with the craziest and most exciting requests. You will learn their needs, then choose the appropriate hairstyle and start the hair-cutting process. Just touch the screen to use tools like a trimmer or comb… and cut your hair your way. Look at the sample and follow the instructions. Do not cut too much if you do not want to receive complaints from customers.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But in fact, each hairstyle will need a different cutting process. The game offers a series of hairstyles like Mid Fade, Bald, Bald Fade, Box Fade, High Fade, Comb Over Fade, Pompadour, and more. You need to master how to cut each hairstyle if you want to satisfy your customers. After the cut is done, you will get a review from them. If you get 3 stars, you will get enough bonus and level-up points. Moreover, you will be able to admire your work.


Diverse customer system

Fade Master 3D brings a very rich customer system. Each client is built with its own look and story. It can be a homeless guy, a soldier, an old man, an unemployed guy, a rapper, a singer, an agent, and more. They are designed with a distinctive appearance so they are easy to identify. During the haircut, they interact with you through dialogue and voiceover. Sometimes they will complain if you cut over the limit.

Remember that customer needs will become increasingly complex. Many customers are quite picky about their hairstyle. So you need to do everything right in the process if you want to please them. Moreover, you should practice regularly to improve your level, thereby speeding up the service. If you cut your hair faster, you will get more customers. As a result, you will earn more money to upgrade your barber shop. Let your reputation spread throughout the whole town and attract even more customers. If you meet VIP guests, you will receive a lot of money.


Explore dozens of hair-cutting tools

What do you think a barber would need? This game offers a bunch of different tools that a barber should know. Of course, the first thing to mention is hair clippers, then a trimmer, comb, and scissors,… Especially, for unique hairstyles, you can use a torch to burn your hair, hairspray to hold hair, color, perm, and more. Don’t worry, the game will gradually unlock them all for you to experiment with different haircuts.


Realistic animated 3D graphics

The hair-cutting process is realistically simulated with 3D graphics. Character images with cartoon design create the necessary intimacy and friendliness. The hair-cutting tools are equally realistically described. The controls are smooth, providing a very realistic and refreshing haircut. You’ll enjoy these in an intuitive first-person perspective. Moreover, you can adjust the viewing angle with a simple swipe.

So are you ready to become a barber? Fade Master 3D will help you discover a series of unique hairstyles for men. Of course, you will do each hairstyle yourself with touches and swipes on the screen. It’s simple to do but also quite difficult to have the perfect hairstyle. Practice regularly to become a professional barber!

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