F1 CLASH 35.01.24504 MOD Unlocked APK
F1 CLASH MOD APK 35.01.24504

F1 CLASH 35.01.24504 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 hours ago)
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Hutch Games
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Size 48MB
Latest Version 35.01.24504
MOD Unlocked
Category Sport
Price FREE

Manage your racing team in the F1 CLASH game. The game is designed in the style of racing. Open up exciting f1 car races. The content revolves around your management to lead the competitive racing team. The main goal is to win every tournament. Become the champion team to climb the achievement leaderboard. This is a strategy game. Requires the intelligence of all players to participate. Make the right and appropriate decisions to build the racing team. As well as interfering in the race process to help the car operate better. Along with that are a lot of new features. You will have the right to recruit more new riders to the team. Especially, it is completely free to play after downloading. But there are some items that need to use real money to trade.

F1 CLASH – Manage F1 Teams To Compete With Other Teams!

Come to F1 Manager to manage an f1 racing team. Your task is not to directly operate the car on the track. Instead will perform various management-related tasks. Including recruiting riders to put them on the team. Upgrade f1 cars to enhance performance. Give the overall strategy to develop the racing team. Then participate in competitions to compete. The goal is the end result. Win every f1 tournament. From events that are held every month, every week, to every day. Beat every opposing team to prove your team’s achievement. Through it will receive many attractive rewards. Prove to everyone that you are a great manager.F1 Manager

The gameplay, the process

After getting ready to participate in f1 car racing in F1 CLASH. Based on automatic 1vs1 gameplay, intervened by the AI ​​system. Your racing team will compete randomly with another racing team. Racers will compete against each other on the road. Each race is played out in a complex terrain f1 map. With straight routes, bends and turns are arranged to create difficulties. The f1 racers between the two teams will automatically operate on the road. The race continues until the required number of laps is completed. Then, based on the time and finish ranking between the drivers of the two teams. The side with the best score wins. Also, receive a bonus corresponding to the bet amount of the two teams. After finishing a race, you can continue to start a new race.Game F1 Manager

Intervene to change strategy

As introduced earlier about the race process in F1 CLASH. You do not need to interfere too much with the operating system. Because the racers in the team will automatically drive on a fixed route. From a top-down perspective, you just have to watch the process going on on the road. Also, make strategic decisions. Depending on weather conditions will affect the operation of the vehicle. Along with that, the tires will wear out after a certain distance of travel. The amount of fuel will be reduced gradually over time. When reaching a certain stage. Need to bring the vehicle to move quickly to the repair site on the road. The support staff will quickly repair, change tires and add fuel. Help the driver to continue the fierce competition on the f1 track.F1 Manager

Many f1 racing cars

Own a diverse collection of racing cars. F1 CLASH includes many different f1 cars. They are all simulated based on reality. Each car is designed to be extremely realistic. Expressed through colors, stickers, and designs. Their difference is also reflected in the technical parameters. Depending on the type of vehicle, the amount of fuel can be different. As well as repair time and tire wear. To own your favorite f1 racing cars. You need to make transactions. Use money accumulated from previous races, after winning. Unlock racing cars with good performance to add to the lineup.

Tai F1 Manager

MOD APK feature implemented of F1 CLASH

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited bucks

The graphics of F1 CLASH leave a very good impression. Recreate an extremely realistic space for all players. Based on the background of 3D graphics. The image quality is carefully polished and sharp. Expressed through the environment, and the surrounding landscape. Weather effects are recreated during racing. Or change, and maintain the vehicle from the support staff. Everything that makes for a realistic f1 racing experience. Along with that, it is impossible not to mention the sound. The sound is simulated from the sound of racing cars operating on the road. More fun for all players.

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