Experiment Z 2.15 MOD GodMode, Lots of Money, Ammo, Recoil APK
Experiment Z MOD APK 2.15

Experiment Z 2.15 MOD GodMode, Lots of Money, Ammo, Recoil APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Experiment Z
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Brain Vault
Size 88MB
Latest Version 2.15
MOD GodMode, Unlimited Money, Ammo, Recoil
Category Action
Price FREE

Experiment Z is an action game built in the zombie apocalypse. It will challenge your survival skills in a realistic day and night multiplayer war. You will start with nothing in hand, but you can search for resources on the map to survive. Besides, you will find dozens of vehicles to drive and costumes to customize the character. In particular, you can play with your friends online and coordinate with them in the battle for survival. A large open world with countless mysteries will make you overwhelmed. If you have friends by your side, the survival experience will be more fun and longer. So, work well with your friends to record your survival time here.

Experiment Z – Multiplayer online survival gameplay!

Although sharing the same genre as many other survival games, Experiment Z has many new points in gameplay. Instead of placing you in the open world to compete with other survivors for the last position on the map. This game brings you into the endless battle for survival that anyone can become your ally. The opponents of all are hideous zombies that appear scattered on the map with higher levels at night and when returning to the center of the map. They will challenge your fear with their screams and bizarre shapes and the ability to attack madly. You will have to do everything to survive, especially when night falls. Be prepared for long survival.


Join the endless battle for survival

The game has two main modes including solo and multiplayer. But the most popular mode is multiplayer because you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with friends online. Before starting the fight, you can customize the name and some settings. In the battle, you will start alone at any location on the map. Then you need to quickly explore the map in search of resources before zombies sniff your location. Areas containing a lot of items are usually houses, park areas, and near major streets. There, you’ll find items ranging from clothing to weapons, armor, and more.

You need to prepare enough luggage to be ready for endless survival. You can store them in your backpack, but because the backpack limit is limited, you need to consider keeping only the essentials. Besides, you need to learn how to survive through the virtual buttons on the screen. If you don’t have a weapon, you can simply move the character with the joystick. If you drive or use weapons, the console will have a few more virtual buttons for you to operate the vehicle and shoot. Your experience will take place in a third-person perspective, allowing you to observe the entire action, gestures of the character, and the surrounding landscape of the map.


Unique weapon and vehicle system

Weapons and vehicles will not be available in the Experiment Z game system. You will find them on the big open world limit in survival. Weapons are quite different from classic ones like daggers to pistols, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles… Each gun has its own parameters of speed, damage, range, and bullet capacity. You need to collect the right ammo to use any gun. Besides, to ensure your health in battles with zombies, you should equip armor, shoes, and protective helmets. If you find military uniforms, that’s your luck. Because it helps you increase your ability to hide and camouflage.

Vehicles are also scattered across the map, helping you move faster for easier adventures. They range from fancy cars to race cars, sports cars, trucks, and even spaceships. You can drive them through a virtual steering wheel and other features like accelerator, brake, door… Don’t miss the cars and take them with you to move easily. Especially, if you are surrounded by zombies, vehicles will help you to escape. You can also drive and bring teammates along.


Realistic and detailed 3D graphics

This game possesses a fairly detailed 3D graphics platform, but it is not really impressive. It depicts a vast 3D open world with a variety of landscapes and terrains from hills to valleys, streets, rivers, bridges, and more. However, the realism of the works is not too high. The character image is realistic, but the movements and gestures are not too smooth. Therefore, this game can satisfy you if you do not require too high a graphic quality.


All in all, Experiment Z is a pretty good survival game to play on your phone. Although not comparable to today’s popular survival games, it still has everything you need. You can play with friends and experience unique survival missions from gathering resources to driving, shooting, building, and adventure. So this is a complete survival experience that you should not miss.

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