Evil Hunter Tycoon 1.371 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Speed APK
Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK 1.371

Evil Hunter Tycoon 1.371 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Speed APK

By Hai Nam April 11, 2024 (5 days ago)
Name Evil Hunter Tycoon
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Super Planet
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.371
MOD Menu, God Mode, Speed
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a management game that revolves around building a hunter village. Based on the plot of the game about the appearance of the Dark Lord. After launching a fierce attack on the entire territory of the world. Since then, everything has been destroyed and fell into ruin. But there was a lucky group of people who survived that tragedy. Now they have gathered together to find a way to continue to survive in a dangerous world. Thereby, you are nominated to become the leader to lead the rest. They will become hunters and build a village of their own. From there create a new territory and survive other dangers together.

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK – Become a Mayor To Build a Hunter Village

Play as a mayor in the game Evil Hunter Tycoon by LMHAPKSS. Accordingly, you have a lot of different powers. At the same time, important decisions can be made, but need to be carefully calculated. Because each decision made will directly affect the development of the village. Besides, there are also many tasks with challenges waiting ahead. Work on building the village from the difficult early stages. Later, they had to build more buildings and recruit stray hunters. Also, train them to improve their strength. From there leads to dramatic battles. The goal is to make a profit to continue to develop the village.Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

Construction of works

Start the journey to build a hunter village in the game Evil Hunter Tycoon. With a lot of different works to conduct construction. For example bounty station, academy, smithy, training ground, revival mecca, monument, and many more. Each building plays an important role in the development of hunters’ power. For example, the forge can create weapons and equipment. The Academy teaches skills and secrets to increase a hunter’s ability after learning. The training ground is where training takes place to help hunters level up faster. There are many other projects to be explored later. But to complete the work will take a lot of time and resources.Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK

Perform multiple missions

As a mayor build a hunter village in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Will have to perform a lot of different tasks specifically assigned. For example, completing a dungeon raid. Talk to a hunter and urge them to hunt in the colony. Build a base first in your land. Successfully crafting a random item after collecting enough materials. Or engage in a terrifying boss battle. There are many other quests that will be unlocked one after another after starting a new challenge. This will make it difficult for you to complete, but the reward received will increase and be more valuable than before.Game Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

There are 4 hunter classes with 33 Personalities

Your village will become more vibrant after more hunters come to live. At Evil Hunter Tycoon can recruit many different hunters. They are divided into 4 character classes with 33 personalities. Each person is shaped in their own distinctive style. The difference between them is reflected in their shape, face, clothes, and hairstyle. Along with that are features like shy, brave, lazy, clumsy, strong, … and many more. After recruiting can go through the buildings built in the village. That would enhance the abilities of the hunters.

Fight against many monsters and bosses

Recruit and train hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon. It can then lead them to participate in battles with various monsters. Or raid dungeons to face fierce attacks from enemies. Thereby showing strength and skills to attack to destroy. From there, you have the opportunity to collect many rare resources. Over the course of the battle, constantly destroying the enemy will accumulate a large amount of resources. Besides, sometimes you have to face attacks from monster bosses. With combat power, as well as a larger size than ordinary enemies. Make it difficult for hunters, but there will be a chance to collect valuable items.Download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

Besides the exploratory journeys in Evil Hunter Tycoon. The game also opens PvP matches. Thereby allowing you to lead hunters to engage in skirmishes with hunters in many other villages. Show off a mayor who has a talent for building structures. As well as developing the strength of the hunters. From there defeat the opponent and win to gain noble fame.

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