EverCrawl 1.10 MOD Lots of Money APK
EverCrawl MOD APK 1.10

EverCrawl 1.10 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name EverCrawl
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher RunWTheWolves
Size 78MB
Latest Version 1.10
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Price FREE

EverCrawl is a game built on the foundation of pixel graphics. Role-play as a hero to join the adventure. Your mission is to gather information in the dark dungeon. Accordingly, there will be many difficult challenges to face. Even at the cost of living in the face of deadly dangers. But to be able to complete the assigned mission. You have no choice but to put yourself in danger. Only when the given conditions are met can the task be completed. This game is completely free to experience in offline mode. Built simple mechanism, but not easy to overcome challenges. Along with that is the intuitive control system, shown through the arrow keys.

EverCrawl – Explore Dungeons as a Hero!

Different from other dungeon crawler games on the market. Here the control system of the game is uniquely designed. Follow the arrow keys displayed as buttons to use. On your device screen, they are arranged at the bottom for control. This is different from current arcade game genres, instead of relying on simple touch mechanics. Use the arrow keys to control the character’s movement. You can choose the direction on the map by touching the appropriate arrow key. It is also possible to attack enemies in the face, using the sword icon. In general, the control mechanism of the game is very simple. But when participating, the system still guides the gameplay to get used to.

Gameplay and quests

The scene opens in a dark dungeon designed in pixel form. Here the terrain is divided into squares. With a combination of turn-based move gameplay. Each touch of the arrow key moves one square. To move forward and uncover the unknown mysteries. To uncover the secret that is being hidden behind. You need to overcome a lot of dangers. So you need to be careful every step of the way. Because you will have to face scary monsters, when fighting will reduce the amount of health. Even if the blood runs out, it will mean losing your life and having to end the journey.Game EverCrawl APK

Explore 4 dungeon biomes

Through the customization feature provided by EverCrawl. You can choose the color in the dungeon with 4 different types. Depending on the gameplay, you can choose the color that matches your eyes. From there, change the dungeon’s space to continue the journey to discover the mystery. Besides the need to be aware about each color is a biome. You are built up according to many different procedures. Each biome is designed terrain with the appearance of many other pitfalls. As well as being ruled by fearsome monsters. To be able to explore the entire biome will have to spend a lot of time.Tai EverCrawl

The challenge is increasing

Based on the time taking place at EverCrawl. Just like the distance, the hero traveled in the dungeon. Accordingly, more and more great challenges are waiting ahead. Although it is impossible to know what lies ahead at every step. But surely the odds of encountering monsters will increase, causing you to participate in skirmishes. This will put you in danger because you can lose your life in any battle. But if you want to learn about the dungeon, as well as discover the secrets. You have no other choice, so you need to be careful with every move. As well as making the correct decisions to move forward safely.

Hero system for role-playing

There are 7 different character classes to choose from in the dungeon adventure. They are all heroes possessing outstanding fighting ability. The difference is shown through its own unique strength and attack style. Ability is assessed by the amount of blood, represented by the heart icon. Along with that are the failure rate and stamina. At the same time, each character class also has its own special skills. When used, it can deal massive damage to enemies. This causes them to take a lot of health damage and even die immediately after.Introduce about EverCrawl

Through the process of adventure in the dungeon at EverCrawl. There will be a chance to collect a lot of different loot. For example, gold coins appear at some position on the move. If you are lucky, you can also receive support equipment such as defensive shields, through wooden crates. From there, create a layer of armor to protect your health within the limit. Besides, after losing their life and ending the journey. Based on the achieved achievements will receive corresponding rewards.

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