Evacuation Service 3D 1.03 MOD Unlimited Full Cash APK
Evacuation Service 3D MOD APK 1.03

Evacuation Service 3D 1.03 MOD Unlimited Full Cash APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Evacuation Service 3D
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Yso Corp
Size 160MB
Latest Version 1.03
MOD Unlimited Cash, Removed Ads
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Evacuation Service 3D is a simulation game by developer Yso Corp. Content is built around the theme of support services. Revolving around the activity of solving situations for vehicles with sudden problems. Accordingly, they will hire you as a support person. Use specialized vehicles to help their car move to the repair garage. It will have to do a lot of different jobs. At the same time will earn money and develop a career. To increase the exciting experience for players when participating. The publisher has built graphics based on a 3D platform. Combine a vibrant simulated sound system with background music. Helps you feel more excited when participating.

Download Evacuation Service 3D MOD APK – Use Specialized Vehicles to Support Problems

Based on the content of the game Evacuation Service 3D in LMHAPKSS to perform the task. Through levels with different vehicle support activities waiting to be discovered. Each level opens up a situation that arises for the driver on the road. Thereby you will have to use specialized means to carry out the appropriate activity. For example, use a crane to lift the front of their car, then drag it to the repair garage. Or the car is too damaged to move with the rear wheels. The entire thing needs to be lifted onto a truck for transport. Furthermore, sometimes we have to help others steer into parking spots on the road. Depending on each mission at each level, upon completion, you will receive a corresponding bonus.Evacuation Service 3D MOD

Go to the next level with many changes

After completing a challenge in Evacuation Service 3D. Will come to the next level with increased difficulty. Thereby, many factors will change, creating different problem situations. They are all designed based on inspiration from reality. With different solutions from a support service worker. Accordingly, you need to use specialized vehicles in each situation. Make sure everyone’s vehicle can be repaired safely. Failure to complete will mean the mission fails and must start again. But besides that, continuing to complete challenges will bring you new levels.Game Evacuation Service 3D MOD

Operations follow a separate control mechanism

Through the levels in the game Evacuation Service 3D. There will be a variety of activities for you to provide support to those experiencing problems. Includes vehicle transportation, vehicle towing, and parking. Each activity will be performed in its own way. That difference is expressed through the control mechanism. From there, solve the problem that the person experiencing hires you.

  • Transport: Use the buttons shown as arrows. Move the cable system to fix the frame to the underside of the problematic vehicle. Then lift it onto a specialized vehicle for transport to the garage.
  • Towing: Use the crane equipped on the specialized vehicle. Lower the chain hook onto the front of the vehicle having trouble. Then raise the head to a certain height and drag the car to the repair place.
  • Parking: Your specialized vehicle is transporting a broken-down vehicle. Thereby, you will have to steer with a virtual steering wheel, combining the accelerator and brake pedals. The task is to park the car exactly in the designated location.

Evacuation Service 3D MOD APK


Many different vehicles encountered problems

Experience the activities of providing support services of Evacuation Service 3D. Will have to perform various missions with malfunctioning vehicles. For example, cars, SUVs, popular sedans, trucks, and even burned cars with the frame remaining. There are many other cars with sudden problems that will be discovered after reaching new levels. Thereby, depending on each situation and the type of specialized vehicle used. Then take the corresponding action to be able to solve the problem in the fastest time. After that, you will continue to come up with new activities with other means waiting for you to learn.Download Evacuation Service 3D MOD

After each completion of a level in Evacuation Service 3D. You will receive a fixed amount of money in large amounts. Includes $150 to accumulate and use for trading. Accordingly, the difficulty of the support activity does not matter. Just complete it and you will receive the money. It can then be used to shop in the game store. Or upgrade vehicles to improve capabilities. You can even customize your character with different outfits. From there, it creates a difference and brings prominence compared to the first time.

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