ESET Mobile MOD Premium free, VIP Unlocked APK Latest version 2023

ESET Mobile MOD Premium free, VIP Unlocked APK Latest version 2023

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name ESET Mobile
Requires Android 6.0
Latest Version9.0.14.0
MOD Premium free, VIP Unlocked
Price FREE

ESET Mobile is the tool you should have on your phone. Because this is an application that helps to remove viruses, remove malicious sources, and protect your device comprehensively. This application is trusted for its powerful scanning and cleaning capabilities. It can detect all junk files, viruses, malicious ads, and many other sources that affect device performance or personal data security. Besides, the anti-theft feature is also really effective and convenient. You can easily track the location and send alerts to your stolen phone remotely. Furthermore, you have the right to lock sensitive apps for data security.

ESET Mobile – Comprehensive phone protection app!

There are many malicious sources surrounding the internet environment. And this is the reason that many phones are hacked or blackmailed. To protect yourself from this problem, you should have ESET Mobile on your device. This application is trusted by millions of people around the world. It is known as a comprehensive phone protection tool from outside to inside. It has a wide range of features from payment protection and antivirus to junk cleaner, anti-theft, call filtering, app lock, and more.


Protect yourself from network security problems

This is the most useful feature of this app. This feature works extensively and intensively to protect the device from malicious sources from the internet. Thanks to that, you can download files, images, and videos and shop online without worrying about security and safety. This application will automatically check the network, scan the wifi in use and find security holes. Finally, it identifies malicious sources such as phishing websites, hackers, ads containing viruses, etc. And alerts will be sent to your device to avoid unsafe sources.

Besides, this application also has powerful garbage cleaning ability. The cleanup feature browses through files, caches, apps, images, and more and lets you clean them all with one touch. In particular, you can set the frequency of cleaning and checking the network. For example, you will scan the device every time it charges or whenever you want. As such, your phone will be checked regularly to stay in a safe, clean state. Not only protected but your phone also has high performance.


Find lost phone

The problem of losing a phone is not uncommon. And ESET Mobile will help you solve this problem when it happens. If you’ve ever installed this app on your phone, you can track its location before it runs out of battery. Thanks to that, you will easily find the location of your lost phone.

In case your phone is stolen, you should have more secure options. For example, you can lock the phone, take a snapshot to identify the thief, erase the data from the phone, etc. You can text the lost device if you want to notify the person who found the phone.


Some other useful features

Besides the main features mentioned above, this application also has a series of other features. The combination of many features like this will help protect the device comprehensively. Specifically:

  • Call filtering: If you are frequently bothered by unknown phone numbers, you can check and block those numbers.
  • Payment Protection: This app will help you to shop and pay online securely.
  • App Lock: This feature helps you secure sensitive apps like banking, messages, calls, photo, and video galleries.
  • Ad Scan: The app will automatically view, identify and remove suspicious ads on websites and apps on your phone.
  • Protect multiple devices at once: Scanning and device protection features are available with up to 5 devices linked to the same Google account.
  • View reports: You always know what ESET Mobile did in the activity log. You can also see an overview of how secure your phone is.


Check device information

In addition to protection features, this application also helps you to check and track device information. Specifically, you will find information such as memory, capacity, PIN status, and permission of applications… After knowing this information, you can adjust the phone usage mode accordingly. reason. If the device space is almost full, you should clean the junk or delete unnecessary files. To view information, visit the “app audit” section.

MOD APK feature implemented of ESET Mobile

  • Premium Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked

So, ESET Mobile brings many utilities for everyone. If you have this application on your phone, you will feel more secure when accessing the internet and paying online. Most activities from browsing to paying, viewing ads, etc. are controlled. Malicious sources will be removed to protect the device from viruses and other problems such as hacking of personal data. Enjoy these when you download the application to your device.

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