Escape Logan Estate 2.09 MOD Unlocked APK
Escape Logan Estate MOD APK 2.09

Escape Logan Estate 2.09 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Escape Logan Estate
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Snapbreak
Size 82MB
Latest Version 2.09
MOD Unlocked
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Escape Logan Estate is a puzzle adventure game with cartoon design. It consists of 3 chapters of content with suspenseful details surrounding the mysteries of a family. You will play the role of any character in the story to uncover these mysteries until you find a way out of the Logan Estate. It is a long journey with many mysterious, crazy, and meaningful details. It includes a variety of jigsaw puzzles, interactive visuals, and much more. They will challenge your puzzle talent and intelligence. It is you who will solve all the mysteries and find the answers to your problems. Show you can go through all the chapters.

Escape Logan Estate – Role play and solve all the mysteries!

The puzzle genre in Escape Logan Estate is combined with role-playing and adventure elements. This is what makes it different, closer, and more creative. Join the game, you will follow the characters in the original story and uncover the mysteries of Logan. At the beginning of the game, a family including a father, mother, and two children are on their way back to their hometown to visit their grandfather’s house in the countryside. Some dialogue with distressing exclamations from the father and mother suggests that something is wrong here. They then found their grandfather’s house in Logan. And mysterious circumstances began to entangle them incessantly. You are the one to help them to get out of these crazy encirclements.


Intuitive interactive and puzzle gameplay

The story of the game is told slowly. Interspersed with cutscenes are puzzles and player-free experiences. You can choose the role to play among 3 options, father, mother, and child. You will be led by the remaining people and puzzles to gradually explore every corner of your grandfather’s mysterious house. Puzzles come in many different forms, typically jigsaw and interactive. They appear alternately throughout your journey, creating a seamless adventure, thrilling and full of surprises. You will have to use many skills to solve them all, or you will be stuck in Logan.

For the jigsaw puzzle genre, you will need to find the necessary items to solve the puzzles. For example, to complete a torn test, you will have to rummage through the rooms to find its pieces. Or when you want to unlock a room locked with a password, you will have to think about how to put the hexagons together to form a meaningful shape. For the interactive genre, you just touch the objects and see what they are. If you think it makes sense, pick it up and keep it. You may need small items to solve other puzzles.


Journey of events and emotions

The appeal of Escape Logan Estate is not in the fun entertainment but in the emotion and thrill it brings. It consists of many events that take place one after another, creating waves on a thrilling soundtrack. Those events take place in old rooms from bedrooms to living rooms, warehouses, toilets, courtyards, and more. They lead you to many places to find many interesting things and gradually solve all mysteries. Also, by solving puzzles, you will unlock new chapters. The journey through the chapters will leave you with many strange emotions, especially suspense and a little anxiety.

Besides, don’t think that the story of this game is just a series of discrete events. You’ll see that everything is closely linked, forming a complete and meaningful story. Each character in the game has its own role and different thoughts and views. When you take turns playing the characters, you will feel it. In addition, the message of the story is also very clear. It’s about family affection and the conflicts between its members. If you don’t delve into the issues yourself, misunderstandings can be buried forever and separate families.


Realistic and close cartoon design

With a 2D animation design, the game brings a close and friendly feeling to every player. The images in the game from the characters to the objects and the context are very well-organized and detailed. In particular, everything can interact in different ways. The game context is also very diverse, including many areas and landscapes suitable for the story situation. Dialogues, voiceovers, and background music are also what create emotions for gamers.


Overall, Escape Logan Estate is really a puzzle masterpiece. That is why it is loved by many players. It’s not just a casual puzzle game but an emotional adventure. In it, you will meet many characters and events that are closely related to each other. It is you who will decipher the long-standing conflicts in the family, thereby realizing many meaningful things.

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