Epic Ape Madness 1.1.2-rc468 MOD Unlocked Paid, Lots of Money APK
Epic Ape Madness MOD APK 1.1.2-rc468

Epic Ape Madness 1.1.2-rc468 MOD Unlocked Paid, Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 11, 2024 (4 days ago)
Name Epic Ape Madness
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Google Commerce Ltd
Size 256MB
Latest Version 1.1.2-rc468
MOD Unlocked Paid, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Epic Ape Madness is an action game genre that combines survival gameplay. Play as a monkey in the game to join the adventure. Your mission is to survive in a city full of dangers. Along with that, harsh environmental conditions are simulated in a large city. The content of the game revolves around the battle for survival between monkeys. To be able to survive and become the last remaining monkey. Will have to constantly fight and attack enemies that endanger themselves. Also need to collect resources and materials during the adventure. From there build up a safe haven. With the combination and arrangement of many different items and decorations.

Download Epic Ape Madness MOD APK – Action Adventure in Rebel Monkey City

Before starting the adventure in the game will come the character customization. Here you will create your own style monkey. Through the various parts provided by the system. Includes gender, face, skin color, and coat color. Each option has many different options to use. Based on your combination will create a monkey with an impressive appearance and appearance.

Besides customizing the monkey in the game. It is also possible to learn about 4 different indicators. Including maximum health, damage dealt, experience points received, and use of grenade support. Each stat corresponds to the ability of the monkey. It will be enhanced and improved after reaching new levels.Game Epic Ape Madness

Open gameplay and quests

The scene unfolds in a city called Apepire. This is where the chaos and madness of the monkeys take place. With the presence of a lot of dangerous monkey mafia and depraved guys. The same fierce competition occurs frequently, leading to endless battles. Role-play as one of the monkey mafia to start the adventure. You will face many difficult challenges to find a place for yourself. Before the fierce attack from other rebellious monkeys. This will inevitably lead to dramatic battles. Only when defeating the enemy and destroying the dangers. Only then can you gain control of the city.Download Epic Ape Madness

Collect equipment

Explore the rebellious monkey city in Epic Ape Madness. Follow the open gameplay used to recreate the adventure. You can freely move to many different places in the city. There is a chance to collect a lot of different items and equipment. Through treasure chests hidden in many mysterious places. At the same time, the adventure will explore unknown places. Over time, constantly search and go through new areas. From there, you will learn the mysteries that are hidden in the monkey city.Epic Ape Madness

Against many enemies

Battles are inevitable. To survive in the rebellious city of mafia monkeys. If you want to be safe, you will have to attack any enemy. Following your moving footsteps, dangerous enemies will rush. Those are monkeys with different appearances. Moreover, it can also be equipped with additional weapons to deal greater damage. This makes you face a lot of challenges, even losing your life if you can’t beat them. Moreover, as time goes on, more and more challenges are faced. Enemy abilities improved, from stamina to damage dealt.

Building a house

Return to your house to proceed with construction. With the desire to build a safe haven. With its own design style. With equipment and items arranged in many different positions. For example, living room furniture, desk, toilet, hammock,… and more. To strengthen the house, it is possible to build walls with many durable and robust materials. Depending on your creativity, combine with possessions. From there will create a beautiful and decorated home in its own way.Tai Epic Ape Madness

From the adventure in Epic Ape Madness will collect a lot of different equipment. They can be used to equip the monkey character. Includes weapons, hats, shirts, pants, shoes, bandages, and grenades. Each type of equipment not only changes appearance but also enhances abilities. Show through the stats to be able to survive against greater dangers. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to weapons, during the adventure you can equip up to 3 types of firearms, helping you to change a variety of attacks.

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