Endless Quest 2 1.0.90 MOD Money, Damage, Cooldown APK
Endless Quest 2  MOD APK 1.0.90

Endless Quest 2 1.0.90 MOD Money, Damage, Cooldown APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Endless Quest 2
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher ShereGame
Size 116MB
Latest Version 1.0.90
MOD Money, Damage, Cooldown
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Endless Quest 2 is a leisurely action game, designed with 3D anime-style role-playing gameplay. The gameplay of the game is quite simple and easy to join. Based on the story of two anime characters in the game. You will enter the adventure to fight monsters. Perform different missions to become stronger. At the same time have the opportunity to explore many mysterious areas. With difficult challenges waiting ahead. To provide the best experience for everyone. The unique features used by the system promise to create idle gameplay. Enjoy a unique game mode with its own rules. The pet system can be acquired and evolved. Make them a powerful assistant. Especially the game is supported online and offline mode.

Introduce about Endless Quest 2 – Accompany Two Characters In Adventure!

The setting of Endless Quest 2 opens in an anime world. Revolving around the story of two characters of the age of magic. A boy from a leper town dreams of becoming the strongest knight. The girl Lilina is a witch, possessing magical powers. The two of them have been best friends since childhood. They always go together and follow each other closely to perform assigned tasks. Currently, when the world’s peace is gradually being affected. The reason is due to the appearance of dark forces. With the resurrection of the dead knight. They bring monsters and demons to invade the world. Cause fierce wars and destroy everything. Now, the world order has been disturbed, not as peaceful as before. The two characters will have to embark on a journey to stop the fearsome enemy.Endless Quest 2

Lots of different missions

Endless Quest 2 ‘s mission system is extremely diverse. With different challenges waiting for you to take. Accompany two characters in a dangerous adventure. Will have to confront monsters. Angels, and titans, will even have to fight giant fire dragons. It will be explored through many lands. Perform monster hunter quests, fight in dungeons, adventure in demonic kingdoms, etc. There are many more quests that will be unlocked after completion. Each mission presents its own challenges. The common point between them is to fight to destroy the enemy. Defeat each enemy in turn, they will randomly drop items. From there will have the opportunity to receive bonuses and valuable loot.Game Endless Quest 2

The process of fighting

The gameplay of Endless Quest 2 is quite simple. The two characters will fight together in battles. You will play the role of a boy to lead him to attack the enemy. As well as move freely to fight in your own style. Throughout the process, the witch Lilina will support the rear. Use magical powers to attack from long distances. Also aided by the beasts. To be able to overcome all challenging missions. You need to use the boy’s skills. Use the sword for melee attacks from close range. Combine moves to create massive amounts of damage. Destroy all enemies in the shortest time possible. Achieve excellence with valuable collectible rewards. Then you can continue to perform new tasks.Ear Endless Quest 2

Two modes

Based on the idle RPG genre in Endless Quest 2. You can perform missions through two different modes. Each mode is designed to be used in its own way. With rules, unique requirements are built by the system. Through the control, mode to be able to move the character, and perform combat skills. Confront powerful monsters. Or participate in monster hunting quests. In this mode, you will do everything yourself. You can make your own decisions and play in your own style. Besides, idle mode is a lot simpler. Here, you can go hands-free, without having to do too many operations. Because the system supports AI control. The hero will automatically complete the assigned tasks.Introduce about Endless Quest 2

To help the heroes become stronger. Can successfully complete the quests in Endless Quest 2. You need to collect equipment sets. Enhance combat and defense. Help them easily defeat the enemy in the process of conquering challenges. Each type of equipment has its own parameters. At the same time, when used can also change the appearance of the hero. In addition, do not forget to train the pet to be a good assistant. Through the use of corresponding items to upgrade and evolve. Making them stronger, can support better attacks.

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