Endless Colonies 3.43.00 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Speed APK
Endless Colonies MOD APK 3.43.00

Endless Colonies 3.43.00 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Speed APK

Written by Hai Nam (21 hours ago)
Name Endless Colonies
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherGiant Avocado TAS
Latest Version3.43.00
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Speed
Price FREE

Endless Colonies is an idle simulator inspired by a futuristic perspective. It brings you the story of building and managing a chain of colonized planets – new human habitation. In the context of a pandemic and other bad things happening on earth. You need to do well as a space explorer to help humanity find new life elsewhere. Build factories on the planet, produce agricultural products, and manage all your workers. You need to work hard to operate factories, thereby creating hundreds of different models and becoming rich. Become a tycoon in the field of space colonization, what do you think? Both the hero of humanity and the top businessman and adventurer, that’s you. Let’s start that journey now.

Endless Colonies – Build and manage a chain of planets!

The game takes place in the year 2038 when darkness has covered the entire galaxy. People are urging each other to find a new planet to live on because soon, an asteroid will hit the earth. At this time, a group of explorers was sent to the spaceship and went into space. Their mission is to exploit new planets and turn them into habitats full of resources, materials and science, and technology. Before long, it’s a new place for people to live. And you will be the boss of that place. Just click on the screen to manage all the planet chain of human colonies. But you need to play strategically to grow and upgrade constantly.


Produce and get rich

Basically, the mission of a space explorer is to build and manage planets. First, you need to drive a ship to the specified planet, set up factories there, and produce the necessary products. In the beginning, there was only one planet to visit and also only 5 small factories to operate. You need to make the most of them and make as many products as possible. By providing input materials, then using workers and machines to produce. For example, chickens will give eggs, pigs will give meat, dairy cows will give milk, sheep will give feathers… All production processes are the same as on earth. But you don’t need to go through dozens of steps, just one click on the screen to operate your production gates.

Besides, you need to upgrade production plants to increase progress. Over time, you need more resources to make more products. That also means you need more workers and more money to pay them. So use your cash flow wisely. Despite being an idle game, this game requires your trading strategy. Be a wise leader and know how to use cash flow for expansion and upgrading. Before long, you will have a large and diverse factory system. Then you could be the richest person in the galaxy.


Unlimited expansion

Endless Colonies does not limit your creativity to create anything you want. There are many things to unlock in this game from factories, materials, machines, workers, and more. Specifically, you can use the money to unlock dozens of different factories. Each factory performs a specific function, be it the production of agricultural products, sweets, cakes, kitchen utensils, household appliances, furniture, and more. Diversify your products to improve sales. But of course, you need to have enough money to build the factory, while also paying for the workers, upgrading and maintaining the machines.

Besides, after you complete missions on one planet, you can unlock a new planet. Each planet has different characteristics in terms of climate, topography, and resources. Therefore, you need to have your own strategy to manage them. Over time, your exploration will extend to every corner of the galaxy. You go beyond the confines of earth, Mars, Jupiter, and beyond to search for treasures in the universe. This is a utopian space exploration journey.


Detailed and colorful design

The game context will take place on the phone’s vertical screen. You can easily observe every factory and each production process in it. Although the images are small, they are very detailed and realistic. Thanks to that, this game feels close to the classic farm games. The image and game context are colorful and inspiring to entertain for a long time.

Don’t hesitate to join Endless Colonies and make your dream space exploration journey. Turn single planets into a chain of colonies to produce and provide resources for humanity. Your mission is higher than the heroes of the time. So show your business management strategy to grow non-stop and become a tycoon here.

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