Egg Finder 4.4 MOD Unlocked APK
Egg Finder  MOD APK 4.4

Egg Finder 4.4 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Egg Finder
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Nox Joy
Size 25MB
Latest Version 4.4
MOD Unlocked
Category Casual
Price FREE

Promises to bring moments of fun entertainment for all players. Publisher Nox Joy provides the game Egg Finder. This is a game built with interesting gameplay. In the category of Casual games. The content of the game revolves around cute pets. With obstacle activities on the guideline. An action-adventure, carrying tough challenges. Along with that is to enjoy the funny moments. To bring an engaging experience during the game. A variety of features have been provided by the system. There is a chance to unlock many different pets. Choose your favorite pet to play with. Besides, the graphics are simple and bright. Combine vibrant sound quality, with fun soundtracks.

Introduce about Egg Finder – Cute Pet’s Obstacle Adventure!

To help every player participating in Egg Finder have a fun experience. The gameplay has been designed according to each level of play. Swing through obstacles and collecting cherries. Your goal is to overcome all the pitfalls at each level. Also don’t miss any cherries. Reach the finish line quickly to complete the mission. Then will receive rewards, including cherries collected during the game. Also can get X3 rewards, by watching videos for free. Based on each level increasing day by day. The reward received after the end of the adventure will increase. The number of cherries received will be larger and larger than before. Then you will have the opportunity to unlock many other pets.Egg Finder

Control pets, obstacles

The adventure of the cute pet takes place extremely interestingly. Each level of Egg Finder opens a path with different terrain. Your task is to control the pet to move along that designed route. Through the touch and hold action let the pet move automatically. At the same time, as soon as you release your hand, the pet will stop. To complete the mission in the levels. You need to observe the obstacle ahead. They do not stand still in place but will move continuously in a fixed direction. Look for opportunities to pass, and make sure the pet is safe to reach the finish line. Although this game has fairly simple gameplay. But to conquer the playing levels is a process. Requires time, as well as your control skills, are really flexible.Introduce about Egg Finder

Difficulty increases with each level

As soon as you complete the mission in a level of Egg Finder. You can go on a new adventure at the next level. The difficulty of the game also increases from there. In the early levels, to help you get used to the gameplay. As well as mastering the control of cute pets. The distance needed to travel is quite short. At the same time appear fewer obstacles. However, the difficulty takes place at new levels. The number of traps will be more than before. The distance needed to travel is also longer. Makes you face many difficult challenges to overcome. Rely on flexible observation and control skills. Surely you can conquer the playing levels with excellent achievements.Game Egg Finder

Lots of cute pets

Start your Egg Finder obstacle course adventure. You will be provided with a cute cat by the system. Go through the challenges, and complete the levels. Then there will be a chance to get the eggs. After they hatch, they will receive many different pet species. Typical are mice, dogs, elephants,… even unicorns. Each pet species is designed quite impressively. They have distinct appearance styles. Along with the cuteness, expressed through the act of moving. Collect each egg in turn when reaching a certain level. Gradually you will collect a collection of cute pets. At the same time, you can choose your favorite pet to continue participating in fun adventures.Ear Egg Finder

During the adventure of Egg Finder. If you accidentally collide with an obstacle, your pet will lose its life. Then you will have to play that level again. Or choose to respawn to continue the adventure. Through watching promotional videos. Unlike other similar gameplay titles on the market. Instead, the achievement will be reduced every time you fail. Make the reward received not high. This game still keeps the same reward level as the original. Whether you respawn to continue overcoming obstacles. The number of cherries received remains unchanged.

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