Easy Game – Brain Test 2.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Hints, Remove Ads APK
Easy Game – Brain Test  MOD APK 2.35.0

Easy Game – Brain Test 2.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Hints, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Easy Game – Brain Test
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Easybrain
Size 89MB
Latest Version 2.35.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Hints, NO ADS
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Challenge your intellectual limits with Easy Game – Brain Test, a super fun intellectual puzzle game. This game has attracted millions of players around the world and is considered a simple but effective method of education. Because it offers hundreds of levels of puzzles on many topics, requiring your agility, intelligence, logical reasoning skills, and even memory. That means you need to apply many skills at the same time to solve the problems posed in the puzzles. Through that, you can train your brain, helping your brain always work at full capacity. It’s simply a game but has so many uses? Many people have played it and claim the same. How about you? Please download the game immediately to your computer to check.

Easy Game – Brain Test – Solve puzzles to train your brain!

There are many ways to exercise the brain, but many people have turned to games. Easy Game – Brain Test is one of the best games to do it. But it’s not like classroom lessons, which are both boring and head-heavy. On the contrary, just with simple fun puzzles, the game has helped you to exercise your brain gently and effectively. That is the charm of this game. It is educational and entertaining at the same time. So you can play while learning, have fun while exercising and stimulating your brain, isn’t it great? Moreover, just click and swipe on the screen to solve the puzzle. Therefore, anyone can play even children.


Lots of different types of puzzles

The game offers a collection of hundreds of puzzles, but none of them are duplicated. At each level, you will experience different puzzles, inspired by real life, nature, science, people, and more. Everything is very close and friendly and is visually described with pictures. There is no complicated information or numbers too long to confuse you. However, the difficulty of the game lies in how you solve the problem. Each puzzle is a problem that you need to solve to help different characters overcome difficulties. It could be a boy who is thirsty, a boy who wants to cross the river, or simply you want to buy something from the store…

Puzzles that seem very simple will sometimes give you a headache. You need different ways of solving puzzles for different types of puzzles. Thereby, the game has also helped you practice many different skills. For example, jigsaw puzzles help you improve your creativity and imagination. Number sorting problems are also effective solutions for memory training. Or levels that require finding hidden objects will help you practice sharp observation. And many other situations can help gamers improve EQ and IQ. Each puzzle has no time limit. So if you fail, don’t hesitate to play again. There is no rush, but you need to think and apply many skills to solve the puzzle.


Take advantage of great suggestions

Easy Game – Brain Test has hundreds of puzzles, some of which will make you difficult for a long time. You can’t solve them no matter how many times you try and try different ways. That’s when you should think about using the available suggestions. These hints help you solve puzzles quickly. But of course, they are by no means infinitely available. By solving puzzles on your own, you will accumulate points to unlock hints. The more wins, the more hints. So it seems you can’t rely on hints to win them all. You also need to play well, sometimes you also need luck.


Intuitive and fun visual design

This is a loved and appreciated aspect of this game. Instead of complicated lessons, the game offers puzzles with visuals. Each puzzle is accompanied by realistic and easy-to-understand descriptions. There’s not too much information on the screen, just pictures, and some symbolic numbers. Therefore, each puzzle in the game helps you remember longer while keeping you relaxed and entertained. Moreover, each touch on the screen has super fun effects and sounds. It will stimulate your fun to play over and over without getting bored.

If you want to train your brain but hesitate to read, write and memorize manually, Easy Game – Brain Test is the choice not to be missed. It does not require you to spend a lot of time-solving puzzles, simply touch the screen and solve problems through doodles. Therefore, playing and training your brain at the same time is an effective method. Puzzles in many forms will help you expand your mind, train your memory, and even your patience.

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