DYSMANTLE MOD Menu VIP, Damage, god mode, free craft, equipment APK

DYSMANTLE MOD Menu VIP, Damage, god mode, free craft, equipment APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.3.0.04
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, damage, god mode, free craft, equipment
Price FREE

Based on the story of the apocalyptic world in the game DYSMANTLE. You will be involved in challenging adventures. Survival mission in an extremely harsh world. Resistant to hazardous weather and environmental conditions. The gameplay of the game is built in a survival style. Set on a small island. With a lot of different tasks divided into each day. Here, you will become a character in the game to start the journey. Find ways to survive the deadly dangers. As well as sustaining life on the island through search and collection activities. To bring the best experience to every player. The publisher has used high-quality 3D graphics. Combined with unique features. The control interface is arranged in an intuitive way.

DYSMANTLE – Post-Apocalypse Island Survival Adventure!

The background of DYSMANTLE Menu opens on an island. This place used to be very developed, because modern buildings were built. Civilization on the island has almost reached a new level. But unfortunately, scientists in one study had a biological accident. Germs quickly spread to humans and other living animals and organisms. Make everything fade away. Two years after the biological accident occurred. Some people are lucky to survive by hiding in the basement. But the food and water reserves were almost exhausted. Forced to leave there to get to the surface. A completely different scene from before. Without humans, civilization has gradually become history. High-rise buildings on the island, along with construction works. Everything was covered with vegetation.DYSMANTLE

Gameplay and quests

More than 40 hours of gameplay takes place in the DYSMANTLE. Revolving around a post-apocalyptic survival adventure. With a series of different missions taking place every day. Every day you will have to perform tasks in order to survive. Play as the lucky character who survived in the game to start the journey. Each task is divided into many different tasks, which need to be done by day. After completing will have a chance to receive a survival reward. At the same time will be receiving new tasks to continue living in the following days. The difficulty will increase gradually to help you have an enjoyable experience. The amount of work that needs to be done will be more than before. Facing difficult challenges, even at the cost of living. But the reward received after completion is also greater.Game DYSMANTLE

Collect food and resources

Start the island survival life of DYSMANTLE Free Craft. Post-apocalypse is an extremely harsh environment. Due to the limited availability of food and water. At the same time, the character’s health will decrease over time. To maintain the need to use resources. Through the search operation to collect. Move to previously developed locations. Cut down trees, and destroy daily life items to collect wood resources. Also, look for items made from metal to collect. Through the use of weapons on hand to smash, turn them into resources. In parallel, after each operation is performed. You will receive experience points, helping the character to reach new levels. From there, you will develop yourself to become stronger.Ear DYSMANTLE

Weapon Crafting

Use the resources accumulated in the adventures of DYSMANTLE. Can be made into many different tools and weapons. They are used for everyday life. The game has a lot of different weapons that can be crafted. Divided into categories such as ranged weapons, and melee weapons. Each weapon has its own fighting style. For melee weapons such as knives, swords, axes, spears, etc. With the advantage of flexible attack in close range. In contrast, long-range weapons do not have high mobility. But with the ability to attack long-range will help you create a large amount of damage when the attack hits. For example crossbows, bows, or even guns. Depends on the gameplay, as well as the situation. Can choose the right weapon to use.DYSMANTLE

MOD APK feature implemented of DYSMANTLE

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • damage
  • god mode
  • free craft

In the post-apocalyptic adventure of DYSMANTLE. Based on the open gameplay, you can move freely. Explore unknown places. As well as facing countless dangerous challenges. For example, zombies appear suddenly and randomly. They will quickly rush to attack to take your life. There is no other choice but to fight. Because if you run away, you can’t escape their pursuit. Use the weapon in your hand to attack, and destroy the enemy to continue the mission.

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