Dungeon Princess 2 610 MOD Unlimited Gems APK
Dungeon Princess 2 MOD APK 610

Dungeon Princess 2 610 MOD Unlimited Gems APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Dungeon Princess 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Ssicosm
Size 88MB
Latest Version 610
MOD Unlimited Gems
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Dungeon Princess 2 is a role-playing game with a typical dungeon setting. It takes you on an adventurous journey against dungeon enemies and princesses and their subjects. The gameplay of the game is a combination of role-playing, roguelike, and strategy elements. These elements are evident in your experience through real-time battles. Your mission is to gather and upgrade different heroes to fight in turn-based idle wars. You can unlock up to hundreds of different characters and weapons. So, feel free to create your squad for a spectacular victory. A beautiful dungeon world with countless mysteries waiting for you to discover.

Download Dungeon Princess 2 MOD APK – Turn-based battle with pixel design

The story of the game is about the journey of female warriors in the war to explore and destroy the dungeon world. That journey will include level battles where you can work as warriors and commanders. The game’s plot is not too complicated but attractive enough to draw you in. Moreover, it will impress you with its characteristic pixel graphics-based anime design. Super cute and powerful female warriors are waiting for you to discover. They are indispensable to your victory. Enter the first dungeon with the three most typical characters, then you can unlock more and progress further.


Join idle wars

Before each battle, your job is to form a squad to fight. You can only bring a maximum of heroes, including one commander. Just click on the character card to choose, then bring them all into the dungeon map. You will move the commander character to key locations and encounter enemies in typical turn-based combat. At each turn, you have the right to choose heroes and skills. But you need to do it wisely to maximize damage while protecting the squad against attacks from enemies. There are 5 typical hero classes, including archer, warrior, swordsman, support, and mage. Each hero class has its own unique skills and powers. Your job is to coordinate them together to create a comprehensive squad.

Idle battles take place quickly but leave a deep impression through the eye-catching effects. At the end of a war, you will enter new battles with new enemies. After a few fights, you will progress to new levels to unlock new dungeons, thereby meeting stronger enemies. You can freely flex the squad with different hero choices. At the same time, upgrades need to be done regularly to constantly improve the power. With better power, you will have the opportunity to go further to explore every corner of the dark dungeon.


Explore a collection of heroes and weapons

Dungeon Princess 2 currently has more than 50 characters in its hero collection. Along with that, you can find more than 50 types of armor, more than 150 types of skins, and more than 200 types of unique artifacts. These are too big numbers for a role-playing game like this. Thanks to that, the game allows you to be creative non-stop to create the types of heroes and squads you want. Each hero in the game has its own stats including damage, defense, HP, and recovery. Besides, she has up to 10 equipment slots to fill. You can choose equipment yourself or choose the automatic feature to get suggested equipment from the game.

Over time, you can upgrade heroes to improve stats. Besides, you will help them unlock new skills to apply on the battlefield. As each hero is upgraded, you will own a larger and stronger squad. That is the basis for you to go further in the dungeon world with a rich and powerful enemy system. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to design the look of your warriors. You can customize your skin tone, hairstyle, outfit, wings, and more.


Classic design, eye-catching effect

This game designs its characters in an anime style on pixel graphics. Images of warriors appear clear and lovely. Each has its own beauty and impressive skill performance effects. Moreover, each hero can use different weapons and has a distinct voiceover. The battlefield background is simple but outstanding. The combat effects are extremely eye-catching and the sounds are vivid, making the battles explode on your phone.

So, are you ready to accompany the princess and brave warriors to the deepest part of the dungeon? Dungeon Princess 2 will embellish your journey with beautiful images, eye-catching effects and mysteries revealed through dialogue. Typical turn-based battles will keep you hooked. Gather your heroes and equip them with the best items to win every war.

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