Dumb Ways to Draw 2 0.3.10 MOD Unlocked APK
Dumb Ways to Draw 2 MOD APK 0.3.10

Dumb Ways to Draw 2 0.3.10 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Dumb Ways to Draw 2
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherPlaySide Studios Ltd
Latest Version0.3.10
MOD Unlocked
Price FREE

Come to the game Dumb Ways to Draw 2 to participate in tough puzzles. Your task is to use the pen to draw and solve puzzles. To help the pea character overcome challenges to reach the balloon. This game belongs to the casual genre in a fun puzzle style. This is the second version, the content builds on the previous predecessor. Many features changed to increase the experience for players. There are different types of magic brushes for you to use. As well as the green bean character that can be customized with its own unique style. Besides, you will feel excited during the game. Based on graphics designed based on a 2D platform. With image quality reproduced in cartoon style.

Dumb Ways to Draw 2 – Use Drawing Pen to Help Pea Overcome Challenges!

Follow the draw to puzzle gameplay in Dumb Ways to Draw 2. You will use a magic pen to perform the task. The created strokes will turn into the path for the cartoon character to move through. The goal is to help the bean overcome the difficult terrain ahead. It is possible to safely proceed to the end point and get the item. Through touch, hold, and swipe mechanics make your own sketches. From there, solve puzzles to enjoy the fun that the game brings. As well as prove your creativity and intelligence to overcome the puzzle.Dumb Ways to Draw 2

More than 200 levels to conquer

Challenge your creativity with over 200 different levels of play. Each level is a puzzle that needs to be sketched to help the bean pass the challenge. The process takes place in a dynamic environment designed for rugged terrain. Along with that comes the appearance of obstacles. As soon as it touches the stroke, the bean will start moving forward. You need to observe and quickly sketch with the magic pen. In order to create the safest path for the bean to pass through. After getting the item at the last point will complete the quest.

Completing a level by solving puzzles takes place. The rewards to be received then include food percentage points and gift boxes. At the same time, the achievement at each level is shown by the number of stars. A puzzle after excellent completion can reach a maximum of 3 stars. Then can go to the next level to start a new quest.Game Dumb Ways to Draw 2

The challenge increases with new puzzles

The difficulty of the puzzle in Dumb Ways to Draw 2 will increase gradually. Every time a new level is started there will be a change. Since the terrain has many challenges, the pea is prone to accidents when moving through. Until the appearance of obstacles, there are even obstacles that will affect the character. More difficulties will be unlocked every time a new puzzle is started. To be able to complete the task requires your intelligence. Observe the surrounding environment and judge the situations that will occur. From there, create a way to solve puzzles by using a magic pen to draw.Tai Dumb Ways to Draw 2

Explore a variety of lively environments

Going through puzzle levels will have the opportunity to explore many different environments. For example, the arctic region with its sharp ice spikes. Factory area with the appearance of giant swinging hooks. There are many other locations that will be opened after completing each level in turn at a certain stage. Each location is recreated in the living environment. Expressed through color, background scene, and surrounding context.

More than 50 magic pens

Along the beans go through fun puzzles, but also challenging ones. You will have the opportunity to unlock many different brushes. According to the information provided, the game has more than 50 magic pens. They are all used to re-draw lines to solve puzzles. Not only that, each pen will bring a unique feeling of enjoyment when drawing. The difference between them is expressed in color and style.Dumb Ways to Draw 2

The character that needs help in the game Dumb Ways to Draw 2 is a bean shaped in a cartoon style. Go through puzzle levels, after completing at a certain stage. At this time, the system will unlock the pea character with a new style. The difference between the beans is not only reflected in their appearance. It is also recreated through hairstyles and colors in many different forms. This will help you feel not bored when you have to puzzle the same character throughout the levels.

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