Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog 1.82 MOD Lots of Money, Coins, Diamonds APK
Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog MOD APK 1.82

Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog 1.82 MOD Lots of Money, Coins, Diamonds APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Bubadu
Size 104MB
Latest Version 1.82
MOD Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Are you looking for a virtual pet game on your phone? If yes, Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog is the best choice for you. This game brings you a super cute dog named Duddu. From now on, he will become an important part of your life. You can interact with him in different ways, such as feeding, cleaning, healing, playing games, and more. In the game’s virtual world, there are dozens of fun activities for you and your dog. Moreover, it has many fun minigames for you to earn more coins. Discover all of that now!

Download Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog MOD APK – Take care of a lovely virtual dog

Coming to Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog, you will own a lovely dog ​​without paying any fee. He will live with you in a virtual family with full amenities. You can interact with him easily through on-screen touches. Therefore, this game is suitable for all players, including children. Besides, the game works even offline, so you can access it at any time. The game download is also completely free. However, some in-game items will require you to pay real money. You should download the here for free shopping.


Interact with your dog

There are many ways to interact with your dog, Duddu. Specifically, you can feed him, drink, go to the toilet and participate in other activities. To feed, you need to move the homepage to the kitchen, where you will find delicious treats in the refrigerator or oven. If you want to bathe your dog, head to the restroom, which has a full shower, soap, towels, and more. Just touch the widgets to use them. And you will see how happy the dog looks.

Besides, in the game store, you will find a series of unique items to customize your dog. Accordingly, you can customize skin color, eye style, pants, tops, hats, bows, shoes, glasses, earrings, necklaces, etc. Combine items together in your own way to create a love style. like for Duddu. Also, if your dog is sick, make an appointment with the vet to help him with his illness. The dog often suffers from diseases such as fleas, stomach ulcers, foot pain, injuries, and more. You can also pick herbs yourself and cook potions for him.


Lots of fun activities

Your dog in Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog also has human life. Besides meeting his daily needs, you can also play with the dog in a variety of activities. For example, you can take Duddu to class, where he can learn math, drawing, music, science, chemistry… Sometimes he will want to go to the spa to relax with a sauna or massage. Or he will want to play in the pool with fun toys.

What do you think about traveling? Duddu also loves going to new places like the beach, the island, or the city center. There are quite a few beautiful places that you should try once. Remember to bring food and water for the perfect vacation. Besides outdoor activities, you also have many things to do at home. For example, you would teach Duddu to cook, clean the house, read a book, take care of a bird, or check the mailbox. Every day, you will receive a special letter and gift from your friends. Let’s see what’s in there.


Diverse minigames system

Like the game My Talking Tom, this game also has a very diverse system of minigames. Featured games include Bubble Shooter, Solitaire, Brick Breaker, Block Puzzle, Space Explorer, Hen Farm, and more. Those are games that are very familiar to us. If you’re bored with playing with your dog, visit minigames for fun. It can be a game of shopping, interior design, farming, racing, and shooting… Their gameplay is very simple and fun.


Lovely 2D images

Coming to the game, you will have a colorful experience space. It can be at your home, at a veterinary hospital, in a shopping mall, at a famous tourist destination… Everything is designed in detail with 2D graphics, giving you inspiration for adventure and discovery. Besides, the Duddu dog also looks very cute and has a series of funny expressions. The music and interactive effects are equally vibrant.

So do you want to try raising Duddu? If yes, quickly download Duddu MOD APK – My Virtual Pet Dog to your phone to meet this lovely dog ​​right now. There are dozens of different activities you can do with your dog here. Moreover, there are many interesting places to explore from home to hospital, supermarket… Especially, don’t miss the free minigames to entertain your dog.

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