Drive and Park 1.0.30 MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, Free UPGRADE APK
Drive and Park MOD APK 1.0.30

Drive and Park 1.0.30 MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, Free UPGRADE APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 hours ago)
Name Drive and Park
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Download 39
Size 41MB
Latest Version 1.0.30
MOD Menu, Unlocked Cars, Free UPGRADE
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Drive and Park will challenge your driving and parking talents. It has a simple but challenging gameplay that promises to make you encounter dozens of difficulties during parking. Your duty here is to become a parking driver. You take on parking tasks for your customers and earn bonuses for doing it. But you must park properly to receive the money, or you will have to compensate customers if you break the car or go to the police if you park it incorrectly. Dozens of problems may arise during your experience, but you will learn valuable lessons. See how many cars you can park and earn as many bonuses. You can become a parking tycoon here.

Drive and Park – Become a professional parking driver!

Have you ever thought about this? You will become a professional driver who specializes in helping customers park their cars in different locations in the city. This mission does not sound as attractive as flashy speed races. But you will see how addictive it is when you enjoy the game for yourself. Moreover, the gameplay is not as easy as you think. You must obey the traffic rules and regulations to complete the mission. If you do well, you can level up and unlock dozens of vehicle types. Cars with unique looks and lively engine sounds will make you fall in love.


Explore a variety of parking challenges

The game has only one mode, where you have to pass dozens of levels with parking missions. At each level, you will have a certain number of cars that need to be taken to specified locations. And your job is to complete this and receive a worthy reward after each level. To do this, simply click and drop on the screen. Click to keep the car swinging into empty spots on the street, then release to stop. You will do it for each car until the task is completed. After each level, you will receive a new car. It will be unlocked randomly, so the model of the car is not known in advance.

The higher the level, the bigger the challenge. You have to park more cars and of course, you need to obey traffic laws and parking regulations. You need to observe the street to find favorable vacancies. Next, you need to click and release properly to get the car into the empty position perfectly. If your vehicle is stopped outside the designated area, the police will come to you. If you park your car improperly and break it, you will have to pay compensation. So any vehicle that doesn’t meet the requirements will fail the mission. Therefore, the number of levels completed in this game will prove your level.


Unlock dozens of new cars and maps

After each winning stage in Drive and Park, you will have a chance to receive a new car model. You can add it to the car list to appear in your next parking game. There are dozens of classic cars from cars, pickups, trucks, race cars, and even buses. The cars have quite a variety of designs and colors, bringing a new feeling to your experience. But the models don’t have their own systems for speed, braking, or handling like in many racing games. You also don’t need to upgrade vehicles to improve them. Your job is simply to park the car according to regulations.

But the street map will change flexibly through the game screen. You can visit famous cities around the world like London, Tokyo, Berlin, New York and more. Each city will have its own type of environment and street design. As a result, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world as a professional driver and parker. Spread your reputation even further to attract more customers, earn more money, unlock new cars and visit new places in the world. Your journey will last forever.


Enjoy the beautiful design style

You will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful classic graphic style on 2D graphics background. Streetscapes appear realistically and visually before your eyes with details such as vehicles, streets, signs, buildings, and more. The vehicle system is extremely rich with dozens of models. The music is light and upbeat, helping you relax while driving. Moreover, you will enjoy vivid engine sounds and smooth sliding effects in each parking mission.

Enjoy the idle and relaxing gameplay style in Drive and Park. It will help you practice your parking skills through hundreds of available missions. Your job is simply to park your car and earn money from this interesting job. But how many quests can you conquer? Drive carefully so as not to be fined by the police or compensate difficult customers.

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