Drift Factory 5.0.0 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Car APK
Drift Factory MOD APK 5.0.0

Drift Factory 5.0.0 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Car APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Drift Factory
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher GY Studios
Size 303MB
Latest Version 5.0.0
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked Car
Category Racing
Price FREE

Drive freely in the game Drift Factory. The content revolves around races according to drift gameplay. Accordingly, you will control your vehicle to perform the task. Move on traffic routes and operate. Aim to drift through the tracks to get the big drift score. From there, prove your skills during driving. Here the game is simulated in a large open world. Combined with 3D-based graphics. With sharp and realistic image quality, along with the motion effects of the car when moving. Along with that is the sound system that is simulated vividly and realistically. Shown through the sound of tires rubbing the road surface when drifting, and the sound of the car engine when pressing the accelerator.

Download Drift Factory MOD APK – Customize Vehicles And Join The Drift Race

The vehicle’s operating system is designed to be intuitive. Simulate the basic features of a car. Accordingly, details will be displayed in the form of icons. For the movement mechanism, you will use the arrow keys, which combine the brake and accelerator pedal icons. From there, increase and decrease the speed and direction of the vehicle’s movement on the road. But at the same time, it is necessary to combine with the handbrake to be able to perform the drift technique. The operation of touching the handbrake icon to activate the rear wheel lock. Also, use the navigation feature to make drifting on the road.Drift Factory MOD

Control features

In addition to the vehicle’s moving mechanism, the game also simulates the operating system with other features. Including turning on the warning lights, turning on and off the anti-slip wheels, adjusting the axles, options for engine operation, and changing the exhaust sound. Accordingly, the features mentioned above are reproduced in the form of icons. They are arranged in the position of the left corner of the screen. You can customize it to suit your playstyle. In addition, the engine rpm chart is also displayed. Along with the speed at which the vehicle is traveling on the road. From there, you can observe to monitor the operation on the road.Game Drift Factory MOD

Many racing car models

The game Drift Factory at LMHAPKSS owns a diverse collection of racing cars. Includes many different models issued by the same publisher. At the same time, they are also inspired by real-life car models. Examples include sedans, two-door sports cars, pickup trucks, and even supercars. Each vehicle is designed with its own unique style. It can be easily seen through the head, tail, and body. The performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through its own indicators. Including top speed, acceleration, and engine power. However, it should be noted to own a new racing car. Will have to use the money to buy, depending on the model will have a different value.Download Drift Factory MOD

Exterior change

Here the system allows you to customize the entire shape and upgrade the vehicle. Accordingly, there are many different parts with diverse options for vehicle design. For the exterior, you can add the front bumper, spoiler, rear bumper, and bonnet. From there, not only increase the prominence of the car but also change the aerodynamics. Besides, it is also possible to replace the wheels with different designs. Choose your favorite paint color from a variety of choices. Depending on your desire to be able to customize the paint color, thereby changing the original default paint layer.Tai Drift Factory MOD

Operation related parts

In order for the vehicle to drift steadily on the track. You need to adjust the vehicle’s operating system. Through various parts related to operability. From there intervene to customize the way you play. Includes engine, transmission, tire type, and brake system. Each part can be upgraded or customized, using money. Based on that create unique combinations to complete a favorite racing car. Participate in races and practice drifting techniques on the road.

MOD APK Feature of Drift Factory

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlocked Car

The drift races in the game Drift Factory will take place in real-time. In each race, you can choose the driving time. That process will be free to move on traffic routes. No restrictions on any rules can drive your own way. But it is necessary to perform the drift technique to increase the achievement points. Besides, the system will simulate the real traffic environment. Allows you to explore different locations. But also need to be aware of other traffic and terrain. A collision will cause the drive to end or the vehicle’s speed to be reduced.

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