Dream House Days 2.3.8 MOD Lots of Money/Tickets/Research Points APK
Dream House Days MOD APK 2.3.8

Dream House Days 2.3.8 MOD Lots of Money/Tickets/Research Points APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Dream House Days
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Kairosoft
Size 37MB
Latest Version 2.3.8
MOD Unlimited Money/Tickets/Research Points
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Have you ever thought of becoming the manager of a dream hostel? Dream House Days will make your dreams come true right on your phone. Join the game, you will play the role of an architect who specializes in the interior design of rooms, and a landlord who specializes in managing motel rooms and works hard to attract more residents. Do whatever it takes to make your empty rooms stunning and profit from your chain of motels. But not only that, but the game is also an intensive manager. You have to manage resident life like a nanny, making sure everyone is happy and comfortable to pay for the room generously.

Dream House Days – Inn construction and management simulator!

This is a game from the Japanese publisher, inspired by the extremely popular rental situation in big cities. But instead of playing the role of a person going to an inn, you will be the manager of the inn you built yourself. Your task is to manage and upgrade the inn rooms to attract as many residents as possible, thereby making a profit and becoming rich. If you still find things quite complicated, then rest assured. At the beginning of the game, you will receive the dedicated guidance of an assistant. She knows all about the motel management model and will show you what to do. But after mastering, you can decide everything on your own.


Design your inn your way

In the first stage, you only have a hostel with a few empty rooms. But this is the first foundation for you to build a dream inn empire. Start clearing out old and unnecessary items, then add new pieces of furniture. You can find hundreds of unique items in the store, from beds, tables, and chairs to kitchenware, cleaning supplies, bookcases, electric lights, and more. Mix these items together your way to turn an empty room into a comfortable retreat. But of course, you won’t have enough capital to buy everything in the first place. You should prepare the basic items first, then upgrade the room gradually with new items.

Your hostel will become more and more popular and attract more residents. They can be anyone from students to office workers, the elderly, and more. You need to review their information to assess the credibility of each customer. Mature residents and healthy lifestyles will help you less difficult to manage than mean people. Distinguishing and evaluating customer categories also helps you ensure their ability to pay. Over time, with an increasing number of customers, you need to expand your hostel with many new rooms. Come up with compelling strategies to fill the room with good inhabitants.


Manage resident’s life

Dream House Days is more than just an inn design and construction simulator. It’s also a well-built tycoon manager. So you won’t be working as an interior designer but as a real hostess. You need to learn how to manage your inhabitants by getting to know and interacting with them. There are quite a few things that will happen in your hostel, such as a couple of residents falling in love and getting married. They may have children and need a new room or want to move into a larger room. You will witness all the events related to your inhabitants and make wise decisions to please all.

In addition, tenants can also look to you for guidance and advice on everything from career choices to romance and more. Interestingly, right? You can help them untie the knots to land their dream job and relationship. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you at all. When your resident gets a better job, he is eligible to pay the rent without renewing it multiple times. You can even meet famous tenants from singers to soccer stars. The higher the level, the more VIP your customers are. That is the basis for you to make more money.


Fun and lovely pixel design

The game will delight you with its classic pixel design style. It vividly depicts the inn complex, consisting of many rooms that are designed in detail with dozens of unique pieces of furniture. The images of the characters in the game look very cute and funny. The experience scene is always filled with bright colors, the background music is cheerful and bustling. These contribute to a pleasant experience on your phone.

Dream House Days will not disappoint you with its realistic and fun simulation gameplay. Come here and learn how to become the richest and most talented innkeeper. Interior design, expand, upgrade your hostel and manage your residence, that’s what’s for you.

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