Draw Climber 1.16.06 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Draw Climber MOD APK 1.16.06

Draw Climber 1.16.06 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Draw Climber
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 71MB
Latest Version 1.16.06
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Casual
Price FREE

Draw Climber is an entertaining game with abstract gameplay. The content revolves around drawing activities to create legs for objects. From there, the movement moves forward to overcome difficult terrain. The goal is to reach the finish line at the last point to complete the mission. This game can be played in offline mode. Unleash exciting challenges to bring an engaging experience to players. Along with that will have the opportunity to explore many different objects shaped in the form of blocks. Promises to bring you interesting gameplay. But besides that, it also requires skill, creativity, and ideas. Because to be able to help the object cross the terrain ahead, it is necessary to draw the appropriate shape.

Introduce about Draw Climber – Draw Moving Parts To Help Objects Cross the Terrain!

The gameplay is played according to the drawing mechanism to create a suitable shape, acting as a moving part of an object. Accordingly, before starting the journey, a rectangle will be displayed on the screen. Through it be able to freely draw according to your ideas. Based on the object used in the journey. Combine with your creativity to proceed with drawing, thereby perfecting a moving part. The object will then automatically move forward. In that process, you can not interfere, can only monitor and see the progress. Can the moving part you create help the object reach its destination? This will have to rely on individual skill and creativity.Draw Climber MOD

Quests and rewards

Follow the content of the game to perform tasks at each level. On each level opens a road designed for dangerous terrain. Accordingly, you will have to draw the appropriate moving part to help the object cross the terrain. Simultaneously compete with another opponent on a parallel route. Starting from the starting line, conquer each challenge from the terrain in turn. The goal is to reach the finish line at the end of the track with the lead. From there complete the mission in one level.

The reward received after completing a task is gold coins. The amount will be based on the number of gold coins collected during the move. Each level takes place, gold coins appear randomly at different points. To collect them all depends on the moving parts of the object. Because only when touching them can they be collected.Game Draw Climber MOD

The challenge increases when reaching new levels

The difficulty of the mission will increase when reaching new levels at Draw Climber. Accordingly, there will be many changing factors to challenge your skills because the travel distance is longer than before. At the same time, the terrain is designed to be more complex and dangerous. Examples include steep hills, uneven terrain, stairs, and more. Each terrain will cause different impacts and effects. Making the object after being fitted with moving parts is also difficult to pass. But at the same time, there will be an opportunity to collect a larger number of gold coins.Tai Draw Climber MOD

Can draw many times

The process of performing tasks in each level of the game. You can draw an unlimited number of times to change the moving parts of the object, instead of being able to draw only once before starting from the starting line. Along the way, you will encounter difficult terrain. At this point, you can observe and proceed to draw the new part to be more suitable. Help the object cross the terrain to keep moving forward. Besides, moving parts can also be broken if impacted on terrain. Expressed through the lost stroke, which in turn will cause the motion of the object to change.

Unlock objects

Use the money collected through the levels. Can unlock many different objects. They are divided into 3 categories basic, epic, and secret. Each object is shaped in its own way. Examples are basketball, skates, white duck, pink pig, aquarium fish, and many more. However, in addition to the green block, it is unlocked for free when starting out. The rest must use money or watch promotional videos to unlock.Introduce about Draw Climber MOD

At Draw Climber you can also upgrade to improve the ability of the object. Includes speed and offline collection. These are two items that need to use gold coins to perform. Accordingly, raising the speed to a higher level will improve mobility. Combined with the appropriate drawn part. That will shorten the time to reach the finish line to complete the level. Besides, collecting offline will help you earn more gold coins after each level.

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