Drag’n’Boom 1.2.0 MOD Unlocked, Unlocked Dragons APK
Drag'n'Boom MOD APK 1.2.0

Drag’n’Boom 1.2.0 MOD Unlocked, Unlocked Dragons APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Drag'n'Boom
Requires Android 4.4
Size 39MB
Latest Version 1.2.0
MOD Unlocked, Unlocked Dragons
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Enter the exciting adventure in the game Drag’n’Boom. You will control a rebellious dragon. Burn everything in your path with fireballs. Attack animals, and soldiers, and steal gold from countries to accumulate. The goal is to own a huge gold store. The game is designed to play based on the Arcade category. Unleash a level-by-level adventure. Promises to bring you a very unique and new experience. From content, and gameplay, to graphics and sound. Everything is reproduced very impressively. You can feel the excitement when participating. Furthermore, it is possible to perform actions in the style of a rebellious Dragon. Move freely, but still, control the dragon in a level-by-level adventure, dodging dangers and attacking targets to complete missions. have to perform the final mission.

Introduce about Drag’n’Boom – The Adventure of the Mischievous Dragon!

Drag’n’Boom ‘s adventure takes place in multiple kingdoms, corresponding to chapters. Each chapter unlocks multiple levels of play, in ascending order. At each level, your mission is to conquer the challenge. Proceed to the chest at the last location to collect the treasure. Then can continue to start the adventure on a new level. After completing all levels play in one chapter. You will be entering a new chapter, discovering more interesting levels. At the same time, the context and environment are also changed. The adventure will take place in a new kingdom. There is rugged, more complex terrain. As well to the appearance of obstacles, the targets need to attack more than before. Making it very difficult for you to complete the task.Game Drag'n'Boom

Achievements, receive rewards

Achievements in each level of Drag’n’Boom are shown by the number of stars. Each level of play can reach a maximum of 3 stars. However, each star corresponds to a task that needs to be completed. The system will present three conditions to be fulfilled at each level. Includes collecting treasure, keeping 100% max health, and attacking all targets. The reward you get after the adventure ends includes gold coins. The amount of money will correspond to the achievement, represented by the crowns. Moreover, based on the number of bonuses received at each level. After many accumulations, when owning a certain amount of gold coins. You will receive a gift box. Open will have the opportunity to receive a lot of attractive rewards.Introduce about Drag'n'Boom

Activities that need to be done

During the dragon’s adventure in Drag’n’Boom. There are many different obstacles and traps. Especially the appearance of guards on the citadel. The sheep are moving on the grass. Your mission is to avoid the dangers. Simultaneously attack the target to create combos. Destroy everything in its path. By applying flexible control skills. Combination of observation, precise attack on the target. Can move freely, attack in your own style. Besides, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear throughout the course of the adventure. Also, note the number of hearts. Each heart corresponds to one possible loss of life. But after each loss of life, your achievement will be reduced.Drag'n'Boom

Unlock new powers

Go through the levels of Drag’n’Boom. Through the money accumulated from the adventure. After unlocking the gift box, there will be a chance to get new powers. Change the attack style of the mischievous dragon. It is possible to create unique flames in many different styles. For example, in the early stages, the dragon attacks with single fireballs. But later, when using the new power, received from the gift box. Can create multiple fireballs in one attack. Or the flames will be operated in different ways. This will help you easily conquer the difficult challenges in the levels.Tai Drag'n'Boom

The graphics system of Drag’n’Boom is designed quite impressively. Based on the background of 3D graphics. The developer has built sharp image quality. Recreate the environment in different styles. Expressed through the terrain, the context, and the combination of colors. The scene is changed according to the movement of the dragon. At the same time, the shape of the guards and the sheep are designed to be tiny. In addition, the sound effects are vivid. Mixed with fun background music. The sound is also changed based on each attack action of the dragon.

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