Dr. Parking 4 1.28 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Dr. Parking 4 MOD APK 1.28

Dr. Parking 4 1.28 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Dr. Parking 4
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher SUD Inc.
Size 17MB
Latest Version 1.28
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Racing
Price FREE

If you are bored with the racing genre, then Dr. Parking 4 is something new for you. It is a parking simulator with simple but fun gameplay. Your task is simply to drive to a certain location and park your car safely in the dedicated car parking area. It sounds simple, but the challenges can be difficult for you. You may encounter quite a few obstacles along the way and they will make it more difficult for you to drive. Besides, the challenges will become more and more difficult as the level progresses. With an intuitive and optimized driving mechanism, accessing the car controls is not difficult. But will you successfully conquer every parking mission? See how far you can go in the quest progress here.

Introduce about Dr. Parking 4 – Intuitive parking simulator with 3D graphics!

For a moment forget about the bustling races at a fast pace and come to Dr. Parking 4. It gives you a lighter experience but by no means more boring. The task of parking is actually not easy, especially when you have to park in crowded places. So this game will be an interesting experience for you to practice and learn the rules of the parking lot. It is the fourth installment in the series of games of the same name with a series of unique enhancements. Therefore, you can completely trust its attractiveness. With the realistic 3D design, the driving experience here will make you unable to ignore it.


A series of unique parking missions

The game possesses a rich mission system to lead you to parking challenges from easy to difficult. In each mission, your job is to drive and park the vehicle according to regulations at the required location. After completing the mission, you will get the corresponding reward and unlock the new challenge. The tasks will become more and more difficult, requiring the constant progress of each driver. Those difficulties may come from the surrounding environment. You will have to drive through the narrowest roads in the busiest places or squeeze between cars in the parking lot. At this point, you will find that parking is no longer so simple. Just a small collision is enough to get you fined.

However, the way to drive is quite simple and familiar. It has an intuitive and realistic set of controls in both first and third-person perspectives. Driving operations include a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake. They are arranged on either side of the screen, allowing you to use two hands to control the car. In the first view, you will see the entire cockpit. It includes many other unique details such as a speedometer, glass doors, and more. Meanwhile, from the third-person perspective, you can see the whole map and your car. This view makes it easier to drive but lacks realism compared to the first person.


Unlock cars and maps

The car system in Dr. Parking 4 is also quite diverse. But of course, it can’t compare to ordinary racing games. Moreover, it also does not include many types of vehicles, but mainly ordinary cars, and small trucks in different colors. These cars will have different parameters in terms of speed, handling, and more. Therefore, the feeling of driving will be different depending on the type of vehicle you choose. So don’t hesitate to shop for cars, enrich your car collection and use them in rotation on missions. New car interfaces will inspire your driving.

Besides, the map system is equally rich. It includes many different locations from the street, underground parking, public parking … The difficulty of the game will increase if your map is more and more detailed and realistic. For example, it could be a roundabout with narrow walkways or parking lots with dozens of different cars. To overcome these challenges, you have to drive slowly, be patient to drive through each obstacle, and perform professional turning skills.


Realistic and detailed design

The open world is well constructed so that it vividly simulates landscapes such as cities, roads, vehicles, signs, and more. Besides, with 3D design, the game has highlighted the beauty of classic cars and intuitive controls. Every movement of the car is also very smooth and realistic. Meanwhile, music will always accompany you during driving and parking. Everything makes for a friendly, realistic, and relaxing simulator.

So, it can be said that Dr. Parking 4 is the best parking game right now. It does not focus on speed but requires the patience of the driver. This is the right place for you to practice your driving and parking skills. The third and first-person perspectives let you try many realistic and exciting driving sensations. Don’t hesitate to download the game to your phone and enjoy it.

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