Door Slammers 2 310394 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, all unlocked APK
Door Slammers 2 MOD APK 310394

Door Slammers 2 310394 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, all unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Door Slammers 2
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Horsepower 1 Studios
Size 412MB
Latest Version 310394
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gold, all unlocked
Category Racing
Price FREE

Door Slammers 2 brings you the best racing tracks with high definition and speeds up to hundreds of km/h. It is the fascinating and addictive realistic drag racing game that many gamers are looking for. Join the game, you can race alone offline or connect and compete with many online gamers. You can choose between a variety of vehicles with detailed and in-depth customizations. On the track, with intuitive controls, you’ll be spoiled for speed and direction. Your goal is to conquer the race track in the shortest time and fastest speed. Realistic engine sounds and sharp visual design make your racing addictive.

Introduce about Door Slammers 2 – Classic and advanced drag racing gameplay!

This is the second installment of Door Slammers, a highly addictive drag racing game. This version has many notable updates, making your racing experience more attractive and new. The game has many modes to choose from and a detailed and advanced racing system. Besides, there are dozens of thrilling racing events to explore and hunt for rewards. Although not comparable to the top racing games, this game still easily satisfies many racers. Especially, when participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to race with the biggest names like Big Chief, Donkmaster, Murder Nova, Infamous, Jeff Lutz, Mark Micke, and more. And for the first time in a mobile drag racing game, you will be racing with big wheels.


Enjoy the fast-paced races

Currently, the game has two main modes, including Single Player and Multiplayer. As such, you have two options to play offline and online. At the same time, you can race alone or race against real opponents depending on the mode you choose. In single-player mode, you can also race against the AI ​​in some missions. But mostly, you’ll practice on your own and test your skills on solitary tracks. In each mission, you need to surpass your own achievements in both speed and time to conquer the track. If you participate in multiplayer mode, you have to compete for the top 1 position with another online competitor. It’s more thrilling and engaging, of course. And the reward is also bigger for the winner.

Besides, the game also has some other small modes such as Big Wheels Racing in the dedicated donk room, Bracket racing, Racing for bonuses in the Grudge room, and more. Each mode brings you into exciting races. There you need to master driving skills to gain an advantage. Specifically, you just need to click virtual buttons such as accelerator, brake, and nitro to control the speed of the car. Orientation is not so important because the car will automatically move forward. You can observe your position on the track on the track. You can also alternate between multiple viewing angles depending on your preference.


Unlock and customize vehicles

In the shop of Door Slammers 2, you can find cool cars. They come from many of the world’s most famous racers and are designed with distinct looks and stats. But that’s not something special. The game also allows you to freely customize the default racing cars with a series of advanced options both in appearance and internal engine. Accordingly, you can customize the engine with options such as small block, large block, climbing engine, fuel injector, blower, exhaust windscreen, turbo, and more. And not to mention the available chassis customizations, wheels, transmission, brakes, rollers, ash system, paint colors, and more.

As such, the game allows you to interfere with each part of the racing car to comfortably create your favorite car. Combine different parts and options to upgrade and improve your racing car. From there, you’ll help improve its stats, from speed to braking and more. With many improvements, your car will easily conquer the top opponents and take you to the top. But all cars and accessories in this game are not free, race more to earn more bonuses.


Realistic graphics, vivid sound

The tracks will attract all your eyes with detailed designs on 3D graphics. Those are smooth highway races, surrounded by signal lights, obstacles, and more. The models you find in the store are also faithfully described in every detail. They will make you excited every time you look at them in the garage or when driving on the track. The engine sound of each car is extremely vivid and realistic. The lighting and color effects are also very realistic, highlighting the beauty of the night city.

MOD APK feature implemented of Door Slammers 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gold
  • Free shopping
  • all unlocked

So, if you are looking for a racing experience, don’t miss Door Slammers 2. Come here and enjoy the smooth speed racing on your favorite car. It offers a great customization system for you to explore the car upgrade types freely. Moreover, there are dozens of car models to choose from and many exciting racing events to participate in.

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