Do Not 1.78.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Unlocked APK
Do Not Fall .io MOD APK 1.78.0

Do Not 1.78.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (8 hours ago)
Name Do Not Fall .io
Requires Android 4.4
Download 8
Size 43MB
Latest Version 1.78.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins, Unlocked
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Do Not is a super-fun arcade game to play online. You can find endless fun here when competing with friends in intellectual survival battles. No need to shoot guns, run around or do anything complicated. Simply move wisely so as not to fall. Whoever falls will lose and the last person standing will win. To become a champion, you must be agile and have deep intentions. Because you are not alone in each battle, there are 20 other opponents that need you to defeat. Trap them with your moves and make them fall into the pit as soon as possible. But pay attention, everyone wants to trap you the same way you do them. So, let’s see who is the smartest here.

Do Not – Simple, fun, and addictive action gameplay!

There are many addictive games designed with stickman style, and Do Not is one of them. It is an idle but highly addictive online experience. The gameplay of the game is super simple, just click on the screen to play. But it does not mean that you will easily conquer this game. It brings survival battles for you to compete with your friends online. There, only one person wins and takes the title. So we don’t need to argue about competitiveness here. Besides, along with idle gameplay, the game also offers a simple design style. It builds everything stickman style and blocks on a 3D platform. Explore it to enjoy the colorful space and fun images.


Test your intelligence and agility

Now, let’s talk more about the gameplay. Basically, the game is an online survival battleground. You just need to click “Start” to immediately start a battle with 20 other opponents around the world (possibly including Bot APK. The task of each player in the fight is to defeat the rest to become the last one standing. To do that, first of all, you need to make sure that you don’t fall. You will stand on a platform of many interconnected hexagons. But each block will fall if you stand on it for too long. Therefore, you need to move continuously through the blocks so that you do not fall into the pit. Besides, be wary of others as they may vie for your place.

Until all 19 players fall into the hole, the other one wins. As such, there is no limit to survival time. At the same time, the game does not limit the size of the map. Therefore, gamers can freely move and deploy their survival strategy in the most creative way. Just swipe on the screen to move left, right, forward, and backward only. But find a way to trap others to make them fall into the pit, thereby increasing your win rate. You also need to be wary of every opponent, they also have their own strategies to make you mad.


Unlock new skins and maps

Over time, when you have enough gold coins, you can unlock dozens of different skins in Do Not It can be ninja, police, old man, duck, Superman, Santa Claus, and more skin. These characters have no special skills but give you new inspiration. They look very funny and lovely in colorful outfits. Moreover, their every move when moving also makes you happy during your online survival journey. So accumulate gold coins to unlock your favorite skins.

In addition, the game also refreshes your experience with new maps. Those are colorful hexagonal backgrounds from red to yellow, green, blue, and more. Each color represents a different place, be it the jungle, the beach… This little bit of freshness is enough to stimulate the excitement of gamers.


Simple but eye-catching design

Like other io games, this game is designed with rudimentary images. Character images are described in stickman style, creating a sense of friendliness and fun. Meanwhile, the game context will take place on colorful platforms in 3D space. You can observe everything from the top-down third-person perspective, from which it is easy to see the battlefield situation to move wisely and in time. Besides, music is also a great relaxation factor. It is fun and pure melodies, suitable for all gamers.


Do Not is not a dramatic survival game but it has its own unique points. Especially, if you are a lover of simplicity and sophistication, it will please you. Come here to participate in super fun survival battles. Test your intelligence and agility to become the champion.

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