Dirt Road Trucker 3D 1.6.1 MOD Unlocked APK
Dirt Road Trucker 3D MOD APK 1.6.1

Dirt Road Trucker 3D 1.6.1 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Dirt Road Trucker 3D
Requires Android 2.0
Publisher 3denteger
Size 33MB
Latest Version 1.6.1
MOD Unlocked
Category Racing
Price FREE

Dirt Road Trucker 3D is a cargo transport truck driving game. Although it is a racing game, the gameplay is completely different. Instead of taking place in competitive races with rivals on the road. Here, you don’t have to race with anyone. The sole duty of transporting goods to the required locations. Through driving an old truck, which has rusted over the years. Perform tasks according to each level of the game. Difficulty increases with each new mission. Along with that difficult challenges will be encountered. They will be shown through the migration process. To increase the experience, help every player feel more excited. The publisher has provided a driving mode feature. You can choose the right control mechanism for driving. Simultaneously enjoy realistic graphics and sound.

Introduce about Dirt Road Trucker 3D – Overcoming Difficult Terrain To Transport Goods!

Similar to a regular truck driving mission. The challenges in Dirt Road Trucker 3D are played out according to each level of play. Each level opens up a challenging journey. Although the task is simply to drive the cargo transporter. But in the process will have to overcome difficult terrain. Move through each different area in turn. Then to the final destination for delivery, the task will be completed. At the same time will receive a reward corresponding to your efforts. The amount will keep increasing after each completion of the transport job in the new level. The difficulty will increase every time you step into a new challenge. The travel distance is not only longer than before. But the terrain is also changed, more complicated. As well as the harsh environment creates more difficulties.Dirt Road Trucker 3D

Constantly improving skills

Each truck driving mission of Dirt Road Trucker 3D is played in real-time. In the process of driving the old truck to transport goods. Terrain affects a lot, they will impact trucks. Causes the goods on the trunk to shake, and even fall out. This will make your mission difficult to complete. To make the trip happen in the best way. Deliver the item to the destination in undamaged condition. It takes the driving skills of a professional driver. Observe the terrain ahead to make handling situations. Use the vehicle’s control system to operate flexibly. Increase and decrease the speed appropriately so that the vehicle can operate stably when going through difficult terrain. You will even have to stop completely when the terrain ahead is bumpy, unable to go at high speed.Introduce about Dirt Road Trucker 3D

3 control mechanisms

As introduced earlier, to help every player have the best experience. Dirt Road Trucker 3D has used 3 different types of control mechanisms. Includes screen tilt, touch, and virtual steering wheel. Each control mechanism is designed with its own user interface. For example, when choosing to tilt the screen, you do not need to touch any joystick. Can easily control the car to move on the road. But it is difficult to control because the screen tilt feature does not give a realistic feeling. In contrast, the control mechanism of touching the keys provides a more realistic driving feeling. Also just touch and hold to drive and navigate. Overall, the console is not overly complicated. Depending on your style, you can choose to experience it.Game Dirt Road Trucker 3D

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game Dirt Road Trucker 3D are simulated realistically. Based on the background of high-quality 3D graphics. The images are carefully crafted and detailed. Designed in a classic style. The shape of the truck is designed in the old style. With the exterior has been rusted. But the performance is still very impressive. At the same time, the simulated environment is very unique. Set in the woods, with dusty dirt roads. Incorporate a third-person view from the rear. Allows you to track the entire vehicle during the move. As well as environmental effects will be changed. Besides, the sound system is also reproduced very realistically. The sound of the car engine when it explodes will be changed according to the operating speed. Make you feel the reality during the driving time.Tai Dirt Road Trucker 3D

In the process of driving cargo transport on complex terrains of Dirt Road Trucker 3D. You need to pay attention to the obstacles that appear on the road. They will cause the vehicle to lose control in the event of a collision. This leads to a possible crash. Causes the goods on the vehicle to fall. In order for that to be impossible, avoidance must be avoided. Observe from afar and drive the previous navigation. Continue the trip smoothly to reach the required location.

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