Dinos Royale 1.10 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All APK
Dinos Royale MOD APK 1.10

Dinos Royale 1.10 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Dinos Royale
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherWizard Games Incorporated
Latest Version1.10
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in action battles in the game Dinos Royale. Follow the survival gameplay that combines role-playing elements. You will become a hero riding a prehistoric dinosaur to fight the enemy. Through the game’s free online and offline multiplayer modes. From there go on a competitive mission with the goal of surviving and defeating all enemies. Win with excellent achievements to get attractive rewards. Besides, when participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to experience the pixel-style graphics system. With the image quality is shown through the environment and the characters are all created by points. Along with that is the combination of a diverse color system to recreate exciting survival battles.

Dinos Royale – Riding Dinosaur Fight in Competition for Survival!

The battles in the game follow real-time PvP gameplay. Each match is played for 3 to 5 minutes. Through the top-down perspective to perform the survival combat mission. You will accompany a character to participate in the competition with other opponents. Under the open-action mechanism, the process taking place is free to act in your own way. Use different weapons found in the arena. At the same time deploy an attack strategy to destroy other opponents. Besides, it is also possible to freely move to places and explore unknown areas. But will be confined to a large circle that shrinks over time.Dinos Royale MOD

Battle locations in the vast map

The arena where the fighting takes place between the characters is reproduced on a large map. At the same time divided into different environments. Consisting of green forest, cold ice and snow, and volcanic eruptions. Each location is simulated differently landscapes. Expressed through habitats and ecosystems, along with topography. For example, in the green forest with construction works, and large caves. You can scroll inside to find more equipment. Or take advantage of the terrain to hide, and avoid the chase from the enemy when you are in danger. For example, move into the bushes, under the trees to hide and not be detected by the enemy.Game Dinos Royale MOD

Real-time PvP online mode

Coming to the online mode of the game Dinos Royale at LMHAPKSS. Join the battle for survival with other players around the world. You can choose the survival theme alone in SOLOS. Or with a companion in DUOS to start the journey. Show off your skills and experience through skirmishes. Use flexible attack weapons to damage and destroy enemies. Also cooperate with teammates to fight together against other opponents. The match lasts until the last person or group of people is left alive in the arena. To be able to win, you will have to survive until the end of the match. From there will have the opportunity to receive valuable loot including experience points and gold coins.Tai Dinos Royale MOD

Various weapons and defensive equipment

There are many different types of weapons for you to use in the battle. These include shotguns, laser guns, grenade launchers, baseball bats, sharp metal rods, and throwing knives. There are many other weapons that will be unlocked when participating in the battle. The weapon system is divided into different levels, shown by color. At the same time, each weapon is used to attack in its own way. The difference between them is also judged by the range, damage and attack speed. Besides, it is also necessary to increase the character’s endurance. Through equipping armor and helmets to improve the defense. From there will increase the survival rate higher during the battle.Dinos Royale MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Dinos Royale

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked All

As introduced earlier about the content of the game Dinos Royale. You can ride dinosaurs to fight in skirmishes. Accordingly, there are many different species of dinosaurs to ride. They are all uniquely shaped prehistoric species. Examples include Triceratops, Velociraptors, and T-Rex. There are many other species that will be learned after directly entering the battle. Each species possesses its own special ability, giving it an advantage in the competition for survival. For example, Velociraptor possesses very fast movement and attack speed. Or T-Rex can swallow prey with strong muscular strength.

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