Dimorphodon Simulator 1.1.6 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Dimorphodon Simulator MOD APK 1.1.6

Dimorphodon Simulator 1.1.6 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Dimorphodon Simulator
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherJulia Qian
Latest Version1.1.6
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Open up a Jurassic world from millions of years ago. Dimorphodon Simulator game promises to bring adventures to life. Combined with realistic graphics to recreate realistic environments. Weather conditions and the environment change over time. Special latitude display for you to use during gameplay. This is an offline simulation game. Completely free to play after downloading. The content revolves around prehistoric dinosaurs that once lived on Earth. Now, you will control a flying dinosaur with spread wings. Fly in the sky in search of prey. Hunt other dinosaurs on the ground and in the sky to survive. Fight them to grow and become stronger.

Dimorphodon Simulator – Control Flying Dinosaur Hunting In The Jurassic World!

Based on open-ended gameplay, taking place in a vast Jurassic world. Control a flying dinosaur to start the hunt in Dimorphodon Simulator. With a series of different challenges waiting ahead. Explore vast locations and areas. Through flying in the sky in search of prey. Use the characteristics of flying dinosaurs to attack. Rushing down at high speed to deal unexpected damage. Causes the prey to be quickly killed. From there can collect resources and get experience points. When accumulated enough will increase to a new level. Enhance your ability to hunt and become stronger. Over time to prove his strength, belongs to the most powerful dinosaurs. Become the ruler in the sky and rule the earth.Dimorphodon Simulator

Multiple hunting missions, difficulty

During the hunt in Dimorphodon Simulator. A series of different tasks need to be performed. Includes collecting the required number of dinosaur eggs. Complete the conditions to hunt a sufficient number of different dinosaurs. For example, hunt 3 dinosaurs of the Velociraptor species, and hunt 5 Compsognathus dinosaurs. Or successfully hunted 2 Dimorphodon dinosaurs. Follow each mission with increasing difficulty. Hunting challenges will increase with each completion of a mission. Not only the number of prey to be hunted will be larger than before. Sometimes it will be less but will have to fight against species with superior strength. This makes it difficult for you to hunt. But after completing the challenge will receive a large amount of experience and resources.Dimorphodon Simulator

Use skills and attributes

Can move freely in the Jurassic world of the Dimorphodon Simulator game. Perform attack actions according to the characteristics of flying dinosaurs. For example, hovering in the sky, plunging down for a surprise attack. Spread your wings to gain momentum or attack with normal bites. Besides that, there are a few skills to use during hunting. Aim to attack to deal massive amounts of damage. For example, creating a rain of ice arrows falling from the sky. Causes the animals hit to lose blood. Or use sound waves to precisely hit a target. The process of fighting with other dinosaurs will inevitably lead to blood loss. After successfully killing them, it is possible to control the scavenger hunt. From there will restore health and energy to continue the hunt.Game Dimorphodon Simulator

Constantly growing, collecting resources

Not the only predatory dinosaur in Dimorphodon Simulator. In order to survive, you will have to fight and keep getting stronger. Because other dinosaurs will attack as soon as they have the opportunity. Their goals are similar to yours. Attack and kill prey to be able to survive and develop. Throughout the duration is an endless challenge. It is necessary to search for resources that appear in many different locations. As soon as discovered, quickly fly to collect. Combine with minimap to observe the current location. As well as the appearance of other prehistoric dinosaurs around. In the process of hunting, it is also necessary to pay attention to environmental conditions according to the day and night cycle. Along with weather conditions will be changed from time to time.Tai Dimorphodon Simulator

Open up a vast world of prehistoric Jurassic. A lot of different dinosaurs are provided by Dimorphodon Simulator. They are reproduced based on the publisher’s documentation. With species that lived on Earth millions of years ago. For example, tyrannosaurs, spiny dinosaurs, carnivorous dinosaurs, and flying dinosaurs. Each species has been faithfully recreated. Along with their distinct characteristics will be manifested in the hunting process. Immerse yourself in an extremely realistic 3D simulation world.

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