Detention 3.1 MOD Unlocked APK
Detention MOD APK 3.1

Detention 3.1 MOD Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Detention
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher 赤燭遊戲
Size 56MB
Latest Version 3.1
MOD Unlocked
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Detention is a horror game inspired by 1960s Taiwanese culture, cinema, and music. It brings you an immersive adventure and an immersive story with interesting interactive puzzles. taste. You will play as one of the characters of that story and explore the rest of the game. It’s a haunting adventure as you’re completely immersed in a dark landscape filled with spooky things. Besides a plot with horror elements, its graphic style highlights those things even more. The experience space is in the dim darkness, the dark light effects are flickering, and the background music is melodious and creepy. This is truly an inspiring horror experience.

Download Detention MOD APK – Horror story with spiritual elements

This game won the IndieCade award in 2017 and became one of the hottest horror games on mobile at the time. So far, it still holds a strong attraction because of its compelling plot and valuable timeline. The game’s story is heavily influenced by Taiwanese/East Asian culture with mystical spiritual elements. Its setting takes place in the school and surrounding neighborhoods in the 1960s under martial law. There, different beliefs, customs, and cultures mix in the spiritual life of the people. You are also one of those affected by this. And your task is to explore the game context and solve all the mysteries.


Adventure through parts of the story

The story of the game is a chain of events. Although it doesn’t break out into separate chapters, you’ll find everything organized in progress and increasing in depth. You start out as a schoolgirl (or a boy APK who is shunned by everyone for something. You’re always trying to blend in at an old school that’s rumored to be haunted. You will struggle to explore every nook and cranny of this school. Thereby, you will gradually delve into the most bizarre things inspired by spiritual customs and beliefs. At the same time, you will also meet different characters and discover their stories.

Events will unfold in sequence, leading you through various places and exploring parts of the story. They leave you with many emotions, but the biggest ones that occupy your mind are curiosity, suspense, and anxiety. Many interesting things always fuel your curiosity to go further. But the deeper you go into the plot and the hidden locations, the more crazy and spooky things become. To overcome fear and psychic factors, you need help from companions and many other tools that can be found in the environment. Moreover, you need to be alert enough to choose from puzzles, thereby deciding what happens next.


Discover and solve mysterious puzzles

Detention is a combination of the horror genre and visual interaction. So it is also integrated with a well-organized and fun interactive puzzle system. In some situations, the game will give you a puzzle with several options. Your job is to choose from several answers to continue the journey. And of course, each choice leads to different results. After a series of choices in your journey, you will decide your fate and ending. But most puzzles and choices lead you to several pre-existing endings. So whatever choice you make makes sense because you will experience unprecedented things in your life.

The puzzle mechanics are extremely simple. All operations in the game mainly revolve around clicking mechanics. Just click to choose and enjoy what comes next. Simply click to perform actions such as unlocking, picking up items, turning on lights, and more. But this is highly addictive, as everything in the game is interactive. The items in the environment all have a certain meaning, helping you to solve puzzles, thereby gradually removing mysterious knots.


Haunting cartoon design

This game will really make you obsessed not only with its spiritual plot but also with its design style. It is made in a hand-drawn cartoon style with a harmonious and purposeful color scheme. The alternating light and dark colors cover your experience, creating a sense of ambiguity and mystery. The scenes in the game are the most familiar, from the school to the rooms in the house, the street, the sidewalk, the river, and more. But now they have become somber and ghostly. This is what makes it all the more terrifying.

Detention will stimulate curiosity in your mind. It has attracted millions of players globally and now it’s your turn. This game will keep you hooked for hours to follow and find the end to a mystical spiritual story. It includes puzzles and mystery events and an original soundtrack that combines electronic music, Lofi, rock, and traditional Asian instruments. These make for an unforgettable immersive experience.

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