Desert Riders 1.4.22 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, Lots of Money APK
Desert Riders MOD APK 1.4.22

Desert Riders 1.4.22 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Desert Riders
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher SayGames
Size 47MB
Latest Version 1.4.22
MOD Menu, God mode, Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

Get ready for unprecedented shooting car racing in Desert Riders. It is an amazing action game with fast-paced racing tracks that provide thrills every second. You can compete with your friends and eliminate them with your driving and shooting skills. Point your gun at the enemy and shoot at the important parts so that they lose control and explode. On this track, your goal is not to finish first, but to survive the longest. You should shop for high-end cars and equip them with powerful armor and accessories to increase survivability. A series of levels with increasing difficulty will challenge your progress. How far will you go in this racing survival journey?

Introduce about Desert Riders – Fast-paced driving and shooting race!

Have you ever thought of this crazy combination? Driving and shooting seem to be the two hottest topics on mobile right now. And Desert Riders has everything you need to enjoy a more immersive experience. It offers hundreds of levels with powerful opponents for you to compete and prove your bravery. The game’s simple driving mechanics and friendly design will make it easy to approach. But to win, driving well is not enough, your job is to aim accurately to eliminate all enemies from the track. These exciting survival races with eye-catching effects will leave you mesmerized. A variety of unique items in the store are also available for you to unlock.


Join the race survivals

Each level of the game is a fast-paced survival race. Your goal in each level is to destroy the opponent to pass the level and enter the new level. To do this, you need to learn how to shoot while driving. Your car will continuously move forward without control. It is equipped with up to 4 different guns and your job is to choose the right gun to attack. You are the one who controls the gun. By swiping on the screen, you can navigate and aim. The gun will automatically fire when approaching the target and cause them to explode if it hits flammable parts. Or you can shoot at the driver to make the car lose control and fall off the track.

By wiping out all enemies at each level, you will receive bonuses and trophies. Moreover, you will upgrade your level to have the opportunity to meet worthy opponents in new battles. The higher the level, the more difficult the battles will be, requiring your alertness and concentration. Besides, after each level, you will receive upgraded technologies. There are up to 3 upgrade options that can be in terms of strength, speed, armor, guns, or healing. Choose the right upgradeability to gain an edge before you head into your new survival.


Unlock and upgrade unlimited vehicles

Desert Riders brings a collection of unique racing cars. You can find a variety of vehicles from motorcycles to sports cars, police cars, and even armored vehicles. Vehicles have their own characteristics in terms of speed, damage resistance, and more. So you should spend money to unlock a variety of vehicles to use in different situations in the levels. Besides, you can customize the car with more than 70 accessories from wheels to bumpers, exhaust, and engine. By replacing accessories, you can also influence the vehicle’s parameters. Moreover, paint your car with unique colors to make it stand out on the survival track.

In particular, to gain an advantage in the confrontation, you need the best weapons. There are dozens of weapon options, the most typical of which are guns. You can find shotguns, sniper rifles, laser guns, plasma guns, and more. But in each race, you can only use up to 4 weapons and can alternately use them. Each gun also has limits on the range, speed, and magazine capacity. Consider choosing the right ones to master your race.


Vivid effects, smooth motion

The shooting tracks in this game are vividly depicted on colorful 2D graphics. It brings epic races with vivid effects and sounds. The explosion and shooting effects are super eye-catching and catchy. Meanwhile, you also have the opportunity to admire the most impressive car models with styles from classic to modern. Each vehicle has its own unique engine sound. The game context is diverse, taking you to many creative worlds and spaces.


So, do not hesitate to join Desert Riders now. This is the place where you can satisfy your speed and endless passion for shooting. Fast-paced races with loud gunfire and spectacular explosion effects will capture all your attention. You can choose cars and guns and upgrade everything to your liking to enjoy the best races ever.

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