Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG 1.06 MOD Menu VIP, Fast Farm Gold, Fast Level Up, Fast Attack, Fast Move APK
Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG MOD APK 1.06

Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG 1.06 MOD Menu VIP, Fast Farm Gold, Fast Level Up, Fast Attack, Fast Move APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rubén Pecellin
Size 67MB
Latest Version 1.06
MOD Menu, Fast Farm Gold, Fast Level Up, Fast Attack, Fast Move
Category Action
Price FREE

Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG opens a leveled dungeon adventure. Role-play as a hero to join the journey. Your mission is to fight dangerous monsters. Only by destroying them can you survive and become stronger. This is an open-ended action game. Combined with classic 8-bit pixel art style graphics. Give every player an exciting and new experience. Along with that are the unique features provided by the system. From the equipment system to the tasks that need to be done. Moreover, enjoy the sound system with the lively Industrial Dark Synthwave soundtrack. Promising to open up an exciting adventure, but also challenging.

Download Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG MOD APK – Dungeon Adventure Against Monsters

The game’s character control mechanism is quite simple. You are intuitively designed to make it easy for you to do. It is even possible to use one finger to flexibly navigate and move the character. Because here the character will automatically attack at a certain distance. What you need to do is move on the large map to dodge. As well as finding opportunities to approach and attack enemies with skills. Accordingly, the joystick mechanism will be used to perform. Touching, holding, and rotating in directions to control the character to move. But in contrast to the intuitive and simple control system. The mission of survival will not be easy to overcome.Demon Survival- Roguelite RPG

Quests by game level

The mission system will be played out according to the battle level. Each adventure that opens in the dungeon is a level of play. Rely on a top-down perspective to accompany the hero to survive the dangers. Following the open gameplay can freely move and deploy attacks in your own way. Use your own weapons and special attack skills to destroy your enemies. The goal is to kill all enemies with the required amount. Or survive the onslaught of monsters in real-time. Complete the quest according to the given conditions to end the match. From there win and go to the next level.

After completing an adventure in the dark dungeon. Based on the difficulty of the quest with the time and the number of monsters slain. From there will receive the amount of gold corresponding to the achievement achieved. Here achievements are shown by the number of stars. In one level can reach a maximum of 3 stars. But to reach the maximum number of stars will have to successfully complete the task of the game level.Game Demon Survival- Roguelite RPG

Many changes when reaching new levels

Go to the next level of Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG title. New areas in the dungeon will be opened randomly. Along with that are many changes to challenge your skills. With increasing difficulty, give tough challenges. For example, the number of monsters to destroy will increase more than before. Or assigned to fight a specific type of monster. Moreover, there are many monsters with superior abilities. Even in some stages have to fight bosses with much greater strength. This makes your task difficult to complete.

As introduced earlier, the dungeon map will be randomly generated. At each level, the place will be recreated in a dark dungeon. Also when reaching a certain level, the dungeon environment will be changed. The difference is shown through the light and the context. Can be easily seen through the surroundings.Tai Demon Survival- Roguelite RPG

Collect dungeon items

The course of the adventure in the dark dungeon. From the fight against the fearsome dangers. After destroying the monsters that are rushing to take your life. There will be a chance to collect gold coins, energy, and hearts to heal. Depending on the type of monster will randomly drop different items. Accordingly, the items will be used in many activities. It can be directly used to restore lost health and energy to perform special skills. Or gold coins help you accumulate to upgrade equipment.Download Demon Survival- Roguelite RPG

The hero in the game Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG wields a sword. Can deal physical damage when attacking directly. Along with that is the elemental power to attack the enemy. Includes fireball, electric ball, lightning bolt, and others. Each type of power will be made for ranged attack. For example, fireballs and electricity will be launched from the character. Or lightning strikes down from the sky to create a ferocious attack.

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