DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK
DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War MOD APK 1.7.0

DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher GEMMOB Adventure
Size 72MB
Latest Version 1.7.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
Price FREE

DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War is a perfect combination of card strategy and tank shooting genres. It will bring you into the military war on a large scale but with really simple gameplay. Your task is to combine combat vehicles to create formations and participate in the battlefield. Your squad will automatically beat the targets and bring victory. Simple controls like this will make it easy for you to approach right the first time. However, this game emphasizes the tactical element. Show that you are capable of leading an army in battle. And you will win the titles you deserve.

DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War – Idle strategy gameplay!

This game is a great choice for those who like strategy style. This style is expressed through the battle levels where you have to fight the most advanced armed forces from hostile forces. To be a great leader, you need an effective resource management strategy. The resource system consists of units that are numbered and have different characteristics. You can combine units your way to create the most effective battle formation. Is everything that simple? Test it for yourself in real combat.


Build a squad and go to war

This game has a single mode, and you just need to click “Battle” to step right into the battlefield in this mode. It will bring you hundreds of different levels. In each level, you have to fend off 5 waves of enemies to unlock new levels and get bonuses. To fight, you need to assemble a formation of aircraft and tank units. There are dozens of such units and each unit has a different strength. You need to understand the strengths of each unit to find ways to incorporate them into the battle squad.

To build a squad, you just need to click on the corresponding unit card. After completing the formation, the battle will take place immediately and does not require any other operations. You will enjoy the fight in idleness. Units will speed to attack targets on the battlefield. When the energy bar is full, they will deploy special skills with greater damage. Through a wave, the enemy will continue to pull in with more powerful forces. Just like that, if you conquer all the attacks, you will win.


Explore the powerful vehicle system

DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War brings a variety of different combat vehicle units. In it, there are two main types: tanks and modern warplanes. However, each type will have dozens of different options. You can explore the information of each vehicle by clicking on the corresponding card. Each vehicle will own 8 important stats, including HP, ATK, Spell Power, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Evasion, Crit Damage, and Hit. Of course, the higher these stats, the stronger the vehicle.

Vehicles when unlocked will be level one. You need to upgrade them to reach a higher level, thereby improving the stats. To upgrade, you need to spend gold coins. Besides, you can spend gems to unlock new skins and skills. The game also offers a unique collection of equipment that you should not miss. They will help more powerful vehicles to gain an advantage on the battlefield. To get bonuses and gems and unlock equipment, join wars and featured events.


The challenge is getting harder

Although there is only one mode, this game offers a dense mission system. These missions will get more and more difficult as you level up. New missions bring new battles with new and stronger enemies. If you want to win over your enemies, you need to be flexible with your tactics. In other words, you have to unlock new unit cards and upgrade the squad. It all depends on your combat experience. Make an effort to conquer every mission and become a legendary commander.


Eye-catching combat effects

Everything in this game is simply designed with 2D graphics. The battlefield scene takes place visually on the phone’s vertical screen. However, everything on the battlefield from tanks, planes, and combat effects is extremely detailed. Especially the shooting effects and the sound from the vehicle engine. They make up the vibrancy of the battlefield. Besides, the context will change after a number of levels, bringing endless freshness.

It’s time to form an army and join your battlefield in DeltaOps: Tactical Merge War. Don’t hesitate if you’re prepared for the craziest fights. Match units to fight your way to conquer all enemies. Furthermore, upgrade all units with new equipment and skins. You will have the opportunity to witness the cool appearance and great power threshold of your squad.

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