Defense Zone 3 HD  1.6.35 MOD Lots of Money/Coins APK
Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK 1.6.35

Defense Zone 3 HD  1.6.35 MOD Lots of Money/Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 days ago)
Name Defense Zone 3 HD
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.6.35
MOD Unlimited Money/Coins
Price FREE

Defense Zone 3 HD is the sequel to the strategy game series from the publisher ARTEM KOTOV. Everything is significantly upgraded, from the enemy system, difficulty, weapon system, vehicles, and even the scale of the defensive battles. Therefore, this game promises a better experience than the previous ones. Get ready with a new strategy to defend against crazy fighting machines. Arrange your vehicles properly and repel all attacks. There are 8 types of turrets and many other weapons to discover and utilize. The scale of the battle spans the entire map and expands on many new terrains. Can you endure the terrible heat at the moment? Show your strategy by conquering every challenging level in the game.

Defense Zone 3 HD – Defend against the endless army of enemies!

Like the previous two games, Defense Zone 3 HD is a fierce war between different military forces. Your task is still to fight against enemy machines, tanks, and soldiers, to protect the base from invasion. However, the battles are now much bigger than before. Enemies are more numerous and stronger on each level, requiring your constant sanity and progress.

Besides, the game has also added a weapon system while retaining most of the old weapons. Many heavy vehicles will be present in the battle to create really explosive wars. Everything is displayed vividly in the background of sharp HD graphics. Enjoy those things after you download the game to your phone here.


Tower defense gameplay on a large scale

With the nature of tower defense gameplay, the strategic element is on top. You don’t seem to need to do too much in the fight. But you need to be strategic and know-how to arrange and arrange defenses to gain an advantage on many different levels. The levels will present an increasingly difficult challenge, further demanding your strategic flexibility. Not only that, you can expand the campaign to many new maps to find great rewards. In those campaigns, you have the power to decide all. Should you build a new tower or upgrade the old one? Should you use one weapon or another? A strategist like you must answer all these questions.

But first, learn about each weapon you have. So far, the game has had 8 different turret styles, plus 8 special abilities. Each type of weapon and vehicle will bring its own effect on the battlefield. It can be rifles, machine guns, tanks, missiles, even air raid planes, nuclear bombs, and more. Heavy weapons will give you a great advantage if you know how to take advantage of them. However, they all have their own characteristics in terms of attack range, speed, damage pattern, etc. Therefore, the best way to win is to combine them together to support and strengthen each other, creating so strong synergy.


Unlock new vehicles, expand the campaign

All weapons and vehicles in Defense Zone 3 HD are not available at all. Initially, when you first join the game, you only have access to a few available weapons. Of course, that’s when you don’t need to be flexible about defense strategy because the enemy is relatively weak and synchronized. So that’s enough weapons to get you through the first levels. However, over time, the enemies are more numerous, more diverse, and stronger, and the game requires your flexibility to win. Once there, you’ll need to unlock new vehicles and weapons to add to your defenses.

Besides, you can unlock many new maps when you reach enough levels. There are 3 maps with different terrain, like a jungle, swamp, and desert. Each location has its own unique beauty, plus a unique terrain design. Therefore, you will need your own defense strategies when playing on these types of maps. Furthermore, the maps will have an increase in difficulty level. Map 1 will consist of 2 big missions, while the following maps will consist of 3 or 4 big missions.


Realistic HD graphics with detailed design

Although only possessing HD graphics, the game will impress you with its meticulous design and unique color scheme. The battlefield scene shows up clearly and realistically from a top-down perspective. This perspective allows you to see all entrances to the base to identify enemies and make timely defense decisions. Besides, the battle effects and sound are very lively, making each battle become eye-catching.

All in all, for those who love strategy games, it’s hard to ignore Defense Zone 3 HD. It brings large-scale tower defense battles on-field war maps. It’s exciting to be able to be a leader and be free to make your own decisions, isn’t it? So, don’t hesitate to join a big campaign and show your strategic talent.

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