Defense Heroes 0.5.2 MOD Lots of Money APK
Defense Heroes MOD APK 0.5.2

Defense Heroes 0.5.2 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Defense Heroes
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Zala Games
Size 84MB
Latest Version 0.5.2
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Defense Heroes is a classic defense-style strategy game. Your mission is to lead an army of heroes to fight against the evil forces that plot to invade the kingdom and dominate humanity. Arrange your army in a reasonable way to make the most of each person’s ability. There are 6 types of units and more than 60 heroes to choose from, each with their own fighting style and skills. The battle for you will span many levels and a series of enemies from weak to strong, even a terrible Boss. You will have to constantly upgrade your squad, and change your strategy to create unique battle combos. Do you love building defenses? So this is the time to get started.

Defense Heroes – Build defenses from heroes!

This game comes from the publisher Zala Games and is currently available on Google Play and here to download for free on your phone. It has a classic strategy style, allowing you to play even while offline. Simple plot, accessible gameplay, and friendly graphic style. That’s what makes the game attractive. Just click, drag, drop and upgrade to build on-screen defenses for battle and bounty hunting. But the strategic factor is of prime importance. The simplicity of the gameplay does not reduce the attractiveness of the tower defense strategy element. It requires careful calculation and flexibility in team building to really conquer every level with the maximum score. So how to achieve that?


Show your strategy on the battlefield

Heroes need to return again to help humanity repel attacks from demons, skeletons, monsters, and many other terrible enemies. And they need a leader, which is you. You will follow the epic heroes to participate in the legendary war. Your mission is to build a defense of heroes to repel the army from the enemy before they enter the interior of the kingdom. That journey through many fiery battles at levels, each level consisting of 4 to 5 levels. Layer after layer of enemies are constantly on the attack, and you need to be ready with your resources and strategy to respond. Conquering this level, you can unlock new levels and receive corresponding rewards.

Before the battle takes place, you will have a period of time to arrange the formation. You will choose the available hero cards and drag and drop them into the location table. Then, send them into the battlefield and enjoy an engaging battle that takes place without much effort. The arrangement of the squad determines the entire outcome of the match. You need to learn carefully about each hero to know their strengths and weaknesses, thereby combining many reasonable heroes to maximize efficiency. There are heroes who are more offensive, and there are heroes who are more defensive and supportive. So where should they be placed on the battlefield? That is the question throughout your experience with Defense Heroes.


Explore the hero and skill system

Currently, the game offers a hero collection of 6 different classes, typically warrior, mage, support, jungle monster, and more. Each hero class will include dozens of more options and a total of more than 60 different characters. That much is enough for you to be flexible strategically with different types of formations in each fight. But not every combination is effective. Pay attention to each person’s skillset and strengths, some can shoot from trees, freeze enemies, heal teammates or increase bonuses…

Besides, the upgrade factor is inevitable in this game. Enemies will become stronger and stronger with each level, even with giant Bosses. To confront them, you must upgrade each warrior to gain better strength for the squad. Upgrades are of two types, one is to increase the level of the character, and the other is to add necessary equipment, items, and equipment. Spend your bonus money to invest in these upgrade elements, aiming for bigger bonus combos in the next many levels.


Unique 2D graphics

There is nothing too outstanding in the graphics of Defense Heroes, but it is enough to impress you. Images of characters, enemies, weapons… are described with cartoon style, both cute and cool. In addition, the battlefield context changes flexibly through each level, accompanied by differences in enemies. The battle effects are always full of color, highlighting each hero’s moves and eye-catching combat. The sound in each action is also very lively, creating a sense of excitement every time you play.

So, Defense Heroes will be the next game in your mobile game collection, right? It has all the elements that make tower defense games attractive, from the diverse character system to unique skill sets, rich battlefields, and more. Don’t hesitate to enjoy them now. Rush into the battlefield and show your strategy to conquer every enemy.

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