Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family 1.182 MOD Lots of Money APK
Deer Simulator - Animal Family MOD APK 1.182

Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family 1.182 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Deer Simulator - Animal Family
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CyberGoldfinch
Size 57MB
Latest Version 1.182
MOD Unlimited Money, coin, LEAVES
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family simulates the wild life of an adult deer. Accordingly, you will accompany it in the adventure of survival. Face countless dangerous creatures and animals to survive. Also, perform specific tasks assigned to have a chance to earn resources and medals. Moreover, it is possible to build a deer family. Along with that is to find ways to protect your family in harsh natural environmental conditions. Here, the game’s mission system is played out at each level. Especially can play in an offline mode completely free. With a wide range of unique features provided to provide an enjoyable experience to join.

Download Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family MOD APK – Survive with Deer in the Wild Natural Environment

The scene unfolds in a vast primeval forest. It is full of elements of nature. Get a chance to explore forests, mountains, rivers, trees, and more. Along with that are dangers that are always lurking. It can happen at any time if not focused. Through the third view from the back of a deer. You will accompany in the survival adventure in the forest. Find ways to develop abilities and perform different tasks. To have a family and keep the members safe. Can survive in the wild against the dangers of nature.Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family

Perform specific tasks

The deer surviving in a large forest with a series of different challenges. Accordingly, the system will give specific tasks to perform. For example, killing a knight in the forest, and pulling a cart to transport the sick man back home. Search for a treasure chest, and collect resources with the specified amount. Survive the chase from predators and find a partner to create a deer family. There are many other tasks that will be unlocked by the system in turn after completing each challenge. The difficulty also increases every time you start a new mission. Make higher demands that make it difficult for you to fulfill.Game Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family

Achievements and rewards

The achievement of each mission in the Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family game is shown by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to the condition during the performance of the mission. Accordingly, you can achieve a maximum of 3 stars if completed excellently. Based on that will receive valuable rewards including gold resources and medals. Depending on the number of stars achieved and the difficulty of the task will receive the corresponding amount.

Encounter many different animals

The adventure in the forest will have to meet many different animals. From herbivores such as chickens, pigs, ducks, cows, cats, and dogs. They often appear in villages and are raised by the people. Besides, there is a group of dangerous carnivores in the wild. With wild instincts, they will find ways to attack to eat their prey. Examples include wolves, lions, tigers, snakes and even knights. Each animal or human encounter will be shaped in its own way. Expressed by appearance, shape, and color of body hair. Depending on the group of animals you encounter, you need to be careful because you may be attacked by surprise.Tai Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family

Enhance the ability of deer

To be able to survive in wild natural conditions. It is necessary to strengthen the ability of deer to face challenges from nature. Through performing different tasks and get experience points. When accumulating conditions, it will increase to a new level to improve the stats. From there, upgrade attack ability, movement speed, and health. Besides, it is also possible to use the resources and food collected in the adventures. From there will enhance the ability to be able to improve the fighting power of other animals. As well as protecting the family from natural enemies.Download Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family

Here Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family allows to customize your deer and family members. Through different parts to change the appearance. Includes belly, neck, eyes, ears, toenails, tail, coat color and horns. Each department will have many choices. Depending on your combination in the customization process. From there, it is possible to design the outstanding appearance of each member of the deer family in turn. For example, an adult male deer has a striped pattern on his body. With a combination of two different coat colors to create a highlight.

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